Summary: Mobile telephone email setup.
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Using email on your mobile

There are two ways you can connect to email on your mobile phone - direct access or GPRS.


Direct Access

Connect directly using the standard dial-up number. This method doesn't need a GPRS mobile phone service, but only supports slow connection speeds.

GPRS Access

Connect using high-speed access, available through the latest mobile phones. GPRS connection speeds vary, depending on things such as your location and the number of subscribers.
Note: For GPRS access, you may need to use your phone provider's outgoing mail server so that you can send email from your phone. Receiving email should be unrestricted.

What you need

To get access to full email you need either a 'smartphone' or a PDA (Personal Data Assistant). A smartphone supports GPRS technology, giving you a faster connection. PDA's can connect through a compatible smartphone (usually using bluetooth) or wireless network.

As well as a suitable handset, you will also need a mobile service that provides access to the Internet using GPRS.

Setting up your handset

We can't provide help on setting up every type of mobile phone, but we can offer general advice which can be used for most handsets. You should check your mobile telephone's user guide to check what details you need to enter during setup.

Incoming (POP3) Server -
Outgoing (SMTP) Server -*
Email address -
Email username - your account or mailbox username

Email Password
(the one you chose when you signed up)
DNS - primary -
DNS - secondary -
Mobile Access Number - 0845 1400106

* If you connect over GPRS using your telephone provider you may need to use their Outgoing (SMTP) server to send emails.

You should check your telephone service provider's or mobile manufacturer's website. Many now have pages that provide service downloads that will automatically update your phone settings for you.

Tips on using email on the move

Although it's possible to use Webmail with a suitable phone, we don't recommend it. You'll get a much better performance from using the email software that comes with your phone. Make the most of your mobile's email software. You can limit the download of emails to just message headers, or setup and use an extra mailbox for when you're on the move.

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