Our Network

Over recent years, with the introduction of high speed Broadband, the growth in popularity and the demands made on ISP networks have increased rapidly.

As technology advances, use of the Internet continues to increase, via home and work computers and an expanding range of mobile devices and gaming consoles.

Unlike many ISPs, PlusNet own and manage their broadband platform. This means problems or configuration requirements can be quickly reacted to. Also, any essential maintenance can be scheduled to take place out of-hours, ensuring minimum downtime and inconvenience to our customers.

With other service providers, network congestion at busy times can cause core activities such as browsing and email to slow down. Our Traffic management system prevents this scenario by giving priority to time sensitive and interactive traffic, allowing web browsing, gaming and VoIP to function properly even when the network is under extremely high load. For more detailed information on how we operate this, see our support pages.

Benefits of the PlusNet broadband network

  • Fully scalable, future-proof network with provider managed broadband gateways
  • Upgraded core network
  • Dedicated bandwidth with spare capacity
  • Excellent value, low-cost products
  • Trained and certified engineers on hand 24-hour a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year

For more information:

  • Technical Information - Here you'll find a detailed breakdown of the technology that we use to provide our network.

  • Additional Platforms - Here you'll find information about some of the other platforms and services we operate besides Broadband connectivity.