Product archive - Broadband PAYG

This page refers to a broadband product that's no longer sold to new customers

Existing customers can continue to benefit from its features, or upgrade to one of our current products

Broadband PAYG was a standard broadband product offering up to 17Mb speeds where available. It was launched on 4th April 2005 and withdrawn from sale to new customers on 10th April 2007.

There are several variants of Broadband PAYG; the monthly price depends on which you've taken:

Variant Cost Cost during VAT reduction
(1st December 2008 - 31st December 2009)
PAYG £14.99 £14.65
PAYG 10/15GB* Special Offer £19.99 £19.55
PAYG Basic £9.99 n/a - All PAYG Basic customers were moved to Broadband Your Way Option 1 in November 2007

* 10GB Special offer accounts were upgraded to 15GB in June 2006.

All PAYG variants have a standard usage allowance, which you can increase in blocks as shown in the table below.

Product Included usage Cost to increase included usage
Broadband PAYG (before June 2006) 1GB £1.00 per 1GB
Broadband PAYG (after June 2006) 2GB £1.50 per 2GB
Broadband PAYG 10/15GB Special Offer* 10GB/15GB £1.50 per 2GB
Broadband PAYG Basic 450MB n/a PAYG usage only
  • Overnight usage (between Midnight and 8am) doesn't count towards your allowance
  • If you go over your allowance, it'll be temporarily increased as per the table below. You'll be charged for any usage and your allowance will reset at the end of your billing month
Product Usage increase Cost per increase
Broadband PAYG + 10/15GB Special Offer (before June 2006) 1GB £1.25
Broadband PAYG + 10/15GB Special Offer (after June 2006) 2GB £1.00
Broadband PAYG Basic 1MB 0.224p

You can control how much you spend at Manage My Usage (found in Manage Account > Connection Settings). If you reach your spending limit, your speed will be rate limited to 256kb/s and all peer-to-peer, Usenet and FTP traffic will be blocked. It will remain like this unless you remove or raise your spending limit, or until your next billing date.

  1. Plusnet Protect is available for free
  2. One domain can be registered for use with Plusnet email and webspace for £1 per month
  3. Up to 5 domains can be hosted for free
  4. 250MB webspace with CGI & MySQL
  5. All connections are assigned a static IP, this cannot be changed

Broadband PAYG has a referral value of 50p per month.

Find out more about referrals.

{{md this.traffic-prioritising-description}}

Internet Activity Priority
Browsing and email Medium
VoIP (internet phone calls) High
Gaming High
VPN Medium
FTP (external) High
FTP (Plusnet) High
Streaming Medium
Software updates Low
Peer to Peer Low
Other High