Product archive - Broadband Plus

This page refers to a broadband product that's no longer available to new customers

Existing customers can continue to benefit from its features, or upgrade to one of our current products

Broadband Plus is a broadband product available on standard broadband.

It was launched on 4th April 2005 and withdrawn from sale to new customers on 10th April 2007.

Standard cost Cost during VAT reduction
(1st December 2008 - 31st December 2009)
£14.99 £14.65

As of 25th November 2010, the usage allowance is 10GB in peak hours (4pm - midnight) and 100GB off peak (midnight - 4pm).

Prior to that date, the allowance was 4GB at peak times and 50GB off peak.

If you go over your allowance, your service will be heavily restricted until the start of your next billing month when your usage is reset.

  1. Unlimited email addresses
  2. Plusnet Protect
  3. One domain can be registered for use with Plusnet email and webspace for £1 per month
  4. 1 domain can be hosted for free
  5. 100MB basic webspace (no CGI & MySQL functionality)
  6. All connections are assigned a dynamic IP as standard, the static IP Add-On is not available

Broadband Plus has a referral value of 50p per month.

Find out more about referrals.

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