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This page refers to a broadband product that's no longer available to new customers

Existing customers can continue to benefit from its features, or upgrade to one of our current products

Broadband Your Way is a set of broadband products available on standard broadband.

It was launched on 11th April 2007 and withdrawn from sale to new customers on 16th February 2009.

There are five variants of Broadband Your Way; the price depends on which you've taken:

Account Cost Cost during VAT reduction
(1st December 2008 - 31st December 2009)
Option 1 £9.99 £9.75
Option 2 £14.99 £14.65
Option 3 £19.99 £19.55
Option 4 £29.99 £29.35
Pro £19.99 £19.55

Broadband Your Way is a flexible product that allows you to choose your own usage allowance. Each option has a base amount of usage, which you can increase whenever you like.

Product Included usage Cost to increase monthly allowance
Option 1 2GB £1.00 per 1GB
Option 2 15GB 75p per 1GB
Option 3 30GB 75p per 1GB
Option 4 40GB 75p per 1GB
Pro 15GB £1.50 per 2GB

Overnight usage (between Midnight and 8am) does not count towards your monthly usage allowance.

If you go over your allowance, what happens depends on how you've set up your account on the Broadband Your Way Control Panel

  • If you've chosen to fix your cost: Your broadband speed will be restricted to 256kb/s at all times, until the end of the billing month. Access to binary Usenet, peer-to-peer and external FTP will be blocked. You can increase your fixed cost (adding more usage) to lift these restrictions, or you can wait until the end of your billing month
  • If you've chosen to 'Pay as you go': Your allowance for the month will be increased in blocks as per the table below. You'll be charged for any usage and your allowance will reset at the end of your billing month
Product Usage blocks Cost per additional block
Option 1 1GB £1.25
Option 2, 3 and 4 1GB £1.00
Pro 2GB £1.80
  1. Unlimited email addresses
  2. Plusnet Protect
  3. One domain can be registered for use with Plusnet email and webspace for £1 per month
  4. Up to 5 domains can be hosted for free
  5. 250MB webspace (with CGI & MySQL access if required)
  6. All connections are assigned a dynamic IP as standard (a Static IP can be assigned for a one-off fee of £5)

The referral value for Broadband Your Way products depends on the option selected:

Variant Referral Value
Option 1 £0.25
Option 2 £0.25
Option 3 £0.50
Option 4 £0.50
Pro £0.50

Find out more about referrals.

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Internet Activity Priority Pro Priorities
Browsing and email Medium Medium
VoIP (internet phone calls) High High
Gaming High High
VPN Medium High
FTP (external) Medium High
FTP (Plusnet) Medium High
Streaming Medium Medium
Software updates Low Medium
Peer to Peer Low Medium
Other Medium High


You can, use the following Help Assistant path to request this:

Customer Services & Billing > Account Management > Change or Upgrade Your Product > Switch Between Broadband Your way Options