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This page refers to a broadband product that's no longer available to new customers

Existing customers can continue to benefit from its features, or upgrade to one of our current products

Plusnet Premium was a standard broadband product offering up to 17Mb speeds where available. It was launched on 17th February 2009 and withdrawn from sale to new customers on 15th April 2010.

The monthly cost you pay for these services depends on which part of the UK you live in. See our UK area cost guide for more information.

Exchange Category Cost for first 3 months Cost after 3 months
Non-low cost areas £11.99 £19.99
Low cost areas £11.99 £15.99

As of 13th June 2012, Plusnet Premium has a 120GB usage allowance. Prior to that date the usage allowance was 80GB.

  • Overnight usage (between Midnight and 8am) does not count towards your monthly usage allowance
  • If you go over your allowance, it'll be increased by 5GB (at a cost of £5, payable on your next bill) until the end of the month

You can control how much you spend at Manage My Usage (found in Manage Account > Connection Settings).

If your usage exceeds your spending limit, your speed will be rate limited to 256kb/s and all peer-to-peer, Usenet and FTP traffic will be blocked. It will remain like this unless you remove or raise your spending limit, or until your next billing date.

  1. Plusnet Protect is available for free
  2. One domain can be registered for use with Plusnet email and webspace for £1 per month
  3. Webspace is not available as standard (but could be kept if switching from a product with webspace)
  4. All connections are assigned a dynamic IP as standard (a Static IP can be assigned for a one-off fee of £5)
  5. The Plusnet Pro Add-On is available for £5 per month

Plusnet Premium has a referral value of 50p per month.

Find out more about referrals.

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