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Privacy Policy

54 Definitions

54.1 "portal" means the interface through which a Customer accesses Services provided by us.

55 Privacy Policy Statement

55.1 Your right to privacy is very important. We recognize that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with better service. That's why we have put a policy in place to protect your personal information. Below is a summary of our policy.

56 What personal information do we collect?

56.1 In general, when you visit our websites and access information you remain anonymous. Before we ask you for information, we will explain how this information will be used. We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission.

56.2 However, some of our sites require registration to access.

56.3 There are occasions where we will ask for additional information. We do this to be able to better understand your needs, and provide you with Services that we believe may be valuable to you.

57 Protecting your privacy

57.1 We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide sensitive information (for example, a Credit Card number to make a purchase), we will take reasonable steps to protect it, such as encrypting your Card number. We will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage. Credit Card numbers are used only for payment processing and are not retained for marketing purposes.

57.2 We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission. However, we may need to provide your name and delivery address to third parties that we use for the purposes of delivering specific Services to you (e.g. ADSL service, or a shipping company if you have asked us to send something to you.)

Our websites may provide links to third party websites. Since we do not control those websites, you are responsible for reviewing and abiding by the privacy policies of these third party sites.

If you would like to change your preferences for the electronic communication you receive from , click here.

58 Use of cookies

58.1 Our websites use cookies for various reasons. Cookies enable us to provide you with a better experience by allowing us to understand what areas of the website are of interest to our visitors. These cookies do not track individual information. We also use cookies when you register for one of our products. In this situation, a cookie will store useful information that enables our website to remember you when you return to visit us. Cookies from our websites can only be read by our websites.

59 Data storage

59.1 Many of our websites that collect information will store and process that information in databases.

59.2 You can help us to maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying us of any changes to your address, title, phone number or email address. You may do this online through the 'My Details' section of 'My Control Panel' on the portal.

60 Comments and Questions

60.1 We welcome comments and questions on this policy. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information, and we will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure. Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, we may occasionally update this policy. All revisions will be posted to this section.

60.2 If you feel your privacy has been breached, you can contact us.


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