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Security Policy

61 Security Policy

61.1 Computers or network resources shall not be used for any illegal purpose, or for accessing, receiving or transmitting any material deemed illegal, indecent, offensive or otherwise unacceptable under UK law.

61.2 All passwords and usernames shall be kept secret and must not be disclosed to anyone without authorisation. Passwords must not be sent over the Internet by email, chat or other insecure communication methods.

61.3 You must not use any false identity in email or other network communications.

61.4 You must not attempt or participate in, the unauthorised entry or viewing of another Customer’s account or into another system.

61.5 Computers and network systems shall not be used for fraudulent activities, or used to breach another organisation's security (cross-network hacking). This is an illegal act and prosecution under Criminal law may result.

61.6 Network traffic shall be monitored from time to time for the purposes of backup and problem solving and where required by law.

61.7 This policy will be reviewed from time to time. You must observe any new regulations posted here and within our Terms and Conditions and all related policies that you are bound by.

61.8 Any decision made by us in relation to this Service shall be final.

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