These terms apply where either:

1. What we provide

1.1. We provide you with the ability to access BT Sport content online via:

1.1.1 the BT Sport App; and

1.1.2 the BT Sport website at

1.2 The content and functions through the service depends on your device (for example, the particular mobile phone you have) and the particular broadband and/or mobile network through which you receive the service. Content may vary from time to time. Some devices may not be able to show some content.

2 Your Use of the Service

2.1 The service is for personal use only (meaning only you or your household should use the service. It should not be used for business purposes). How the service is used is your responsibility.

2.2 Use of the service will count towards any relevant usage limit on your broadband, where you use your broadband service to access the service, or if you access the service through your mobile network, use of the service will count towards any data allowance or data charges.

2.3 You can only access the service in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

2.4 You agree to:

2.4.1. follow any reasonable instructions we give you and help us run our security checks;

2.4.2 obtain any permission we need to provide the service to you;

2.4.3 tell us if you change any of your details, including your name, address, email address, mobile number or payment details;

2.4.4 keep your BT ID username and password private and stop anyone else from using them;

2.4.5 let us know straight away, and change your BT ID password, if you think or know that someone else knows your BT ID username and password;

2.4.6 let us update, upgrade or replace software relating to the service. We may do this automatically;

2.4.7 only watch live content in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; and

2.4.8 comply with all relevant and applicable laws.

2.5 You must not:

2.5.1 make unauthorised or unlawful recordings of any content provided via the service;

2.5.2 sell, copy, re-distribute or re-broadcast any content or recordings made using the service;

2.5.3 use the service to make money or for commercial purposes (for example by showing any content in pubs, shops or other commercial premises);

2.5.4 show any part of the service to an audience in public, even if you do not charge for it;

2.5.5 attempt to breach any security or content protection rules (including watermarks) relating to either the service, any device used for viewing the content or the content itself;

2.5.6 edit, tweak, adapt, modify or use the content in other things (for example in YouTube videos);

2.5.7 do anything which may have a negative effect on any of the services we provide or our security or any other person's or businesses' systems, networks, equipment or security; or

2.5.8 otherwise use any content or any part of it except how these terms say you can.

2.6 Some content may not be suitable for viewing by persons of all ages. It's your responsibility to set up and maintain parental controls and to ensure that the content is suitable for those viewing it.

2.7 We are not responsible if the service is suspended, interrupted or not available to you because of problems with network coverage or connecting to the internet (except where due to another service which we provide to you, such as Plusnet broadband or Plusnet Mobile, where you should refer to the terms and conditions for that service).

2.8 You are responsible for any costs your mobile network or broadband provider charges for them to provide you with the network coverage or the internet connection you need to use the service.

2.9 Your involvement or participation in promotions by any third party advertisers on the service are solely between you and that third party.

2.10 The service may link to other websites or content not owned or provided by us. We are not responsible for the availability of or content of those websites or content.

2.11 If you access the service via the BT Sport website, you will also be subject to the website's terms of use.

3 What You Need

3.1 Every time you download the BT Sport App to a device, you'll need to accept an end-user licence. You won't have to pay any charges under the end-user licence, unless you agree to.

3.2 If you have to download software to get the service, that software may send us information about your device (including information about what you're using the device for). For more information, see our Privacy Policy and BT's Privacy Policy.

3.3 To access the service, you must have a TV licence. To download the BT Sport App, you must be aged 17 or over.

3.4 To view the service, your device must be able to connect to an internet connection that is fast enough.

3.5 If you can only get BT Sport through the BT Sport App on your mobile, you won't be able to view the service on the BT Sport website.

3.6 You can only access the service on up to two devices at any one time (or any other maximum number we agree with you). Sometimes we may temporarily restrict your access to the service to one device if we need to protect the quality of the service.

3.7. If you have YouView TV from Plusnet, you may not be able to view the same content or channels on the service that are available on your set-top box.

3.8 Using the service may lower your broadband speed for other internet-based services.

4 Quality of the Service

4.1 We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service. However due to the nature of the service and the equipment we use to provide it, we can't guarantee that it will be available all of the time. We can't be responsible for any loss of service or faults due to circumstances beyond our control, where we've taken reasonable steps to prevent this.

4.2 Occasionally, we may have to interrupt, change or temporarily suspend some or all of the service. This may be to maintain, upgrade or repair the network. If we do, we'll try to get service up and running again as soon as possible.

4.3 The quality and availability of content will depend upon the quality and speed of your internet connection.

4.4 We may prevent anyone copying any content from the service.

5 When the Service and Minimum Term Starts

5.1 Access to the service will be provided as soon as reasonably possible. You will need to set up and we will need to authorise your BT ID before you can start to receive the service.

5.2 Your minimum term starts on the day following sign-up to the service. We will start charging you for the service from the day following sign-up.

6 Cancellation Period

6.1 The service will last for at least the minimum term and will carry on after then unless:

6.1.1 you choose to end the service as set out in paragraph 12; or

6.1.2 we end the service in line with paragraph 11.

7 Content Availability

7.1. We can't guarantee content will always be available. For example, some channels and other content are provided to us by third parties so we can't guarantee they'll always be available. In certain circumstances content may only be available in some parts of the UK.

7.2 Although we take precautions, we can't ensure the accuracy or completeness of programme information.

7.3 Some content may only be available for a limited time. When this period has ended, the content will no longer be available to you. We'll tell you if this is the case.

7.4 Different content and service features are available with different packages. You'll find more details at

8. Changes to Content

8.1 We don't guarantee we'll provide you with any particular content. We change our channels and programmes from time to time for many reasons, including those listed in paragraph 8.2 below.

8.2 We may at any time:

8.2.1 vary, add to, replace or withdraw the package, content, channels, features or functions;

8.2.2 vary, increase or reduce the hours of broadcast on any channel; or

8.2.3 encrypt or decrypt any content or channel,

for any of the following reasons:

8.2.4 the content that is available to us changes, for example we gain or lose the right to show particular sporting events);

8.2.5 to introduce new packages, content or channels;

8.2.6 to improve, update or add to your package, content or channels;

8.2.7 if the content is provided to us by other broadcasters or organisations, and they stop making the channels or content available generally or to us, or they make changes to the channels or content;

8.2.8 to let us change the way we charge you for certain packages, content, channels, features or functions (for example, when we add new channels);

8.2.9 in our opinion, it is no longer commercially sensible for us to provide your package, content or channels (for example, because it has become too expensive for us to buy content for broadcast);

8.2.10 to let us change the way we structure our packages, content, or channels (for example, changing the name of our packages);

8.2.11 to make editorial changes to the content;

8.2.12 to allow us to provide the service in a way that we consider enhances your viewing experience (for example by adding additional features online or in ultra HD);

8.2.13 as a result of any change in the law or any regulation or regulatory guidance that is applicable to us; or

8.2.14 due to any other change in circumstances in the future, that we can't predict, which means a change is necessary.

8.3 Where a change under paragraph 8.2 is due to content, features or channel packages being withdrawn by the broadcaster or becomes unavailable as part of the service, we may;

8.3.1 offer equivalent, similar or alternative content instead; or

8.3.2 we'll remove or reduce any charge previously payable for that content.

8.4 If any of these changes are to your material disadvantage (even after we've offered replacement content or reduced your charges) you can cancel your service as set out in paragraph 18.3 of the Standard Terms.

9. Other Changes we May Make

9.1 Use of the service is currently unlimited. However, we may introduce usage limits and additional charges if you go over them. Where this is to your material disadvantage, paragraph 18.3 of the Standard Terms shall apply.

9.2 Sometimes we may ask you to do things that we think are necessary to safeguard the security or quality of the service.

9.3 Paragraph 2.1.7 of the Standard Terms applies to the service as we may also make minor changes to certain technical specifications of the service.

10. Copyright

10.1 All content provided via the service is owned by or licensed to us and is protected by copyright laws. This doesn't stop you watching or recording the content, or accessing it as set out in these terms but you don't own the content or recordings and can't do any of the things set out in paragraph 2.5.

11. Right to Suspend or End the Agreement

11.1 We may suspend or end the service or access to any content:

11.1.1 if we believe that you're using the service in breach of paragraph 2.5. Here we may supply your name, address and contact details to the owner of any content used improperly (but we'll only do this if they agree to keep this information safe and secure);

11.1.2 if we suspect there has been, or is likely to be, a security incident, we may suspend your BT ID username to protect your account. We'll ask you to change your password before letting you log back in;

11.1.3 in accordance with paragraph 6.1 of the Standard Terms; or

11.1.4 if you receive the service via the BT Sport channel pack as part of YouView TV from Plusnet, you fail to maintain a working Plusnet fibre broadband service to which the set top box can be connected.

11.2 We may stop providing the service at any time by giving you at least 30 days' written notice.

12 Ending Your Agreement

12.1 You may cancel your agreement at any time. If you cancel in the minimum term, you will be charged until the end of the minimum term. Otherwise, where you choose to cancel your agreement, the service will be removed on your next billing date.

12.2 Where you or we end your agreement:

12.2.1 for the YouView TV from Plusnet service, the BT Sport channel pack or Plusnet fibre broadband, where you receive the service as part of your YouView TV from Plusnet and BT Sport channel pack subscription; or

12.2.2 for Plusnet broadband, where you receive the standalone service, your agreement for the service will also end.