We've made a promise to be a straight talking provider and avoid annoying legal jargon.

We appreciate that these legal bits are boring, and that you want to be using our great services as soon as possible, so we've provided a handy summary of our terms.


Our handy summary

In the same way as you won't understand a book from reading just the contents page this summary doesn't set out all our terms, so we'd really like you to read them all. If you find this handy summary says one thing and the terms another, what the terms say is what we've agreed upon.

1. What we provide

We provide the service(s) that you have asked us to provide.

All our services are subject to our Standard Terms and the Price Guide. Package Terms may also apply if you take more than one of the above services.

In addition, each service has its own set of Service Terms:

If you're taking one of our great offers then the relevant Offer Terms will also apply. Details of these will be provided before you receive the service(s).

So to sum up: the Standard Terms (for everyone) + Service Terms (for each service you're taking) + Package Terms (if you take more than one service) + Offer Terms (where applicable) + Price Guide = your very own Terms & Conditions from Plusnet.

Please note that references to paragraphs in this summary are to the paragraphs in the Standard Terms unless otherwise stated.

2. Payment

Sorry but we can't provide our services for free. Unless any Offer Terms apply what we'll charge you is set out in the Price Guide.

Paragraphs 5 and 6 of our Standard Terms provide more details on payment.

3. Cancellation period

If you change your mind about our services within 14 days of signing up you can, in most cases, cancel our agreement. You'll only have to pay for the services you have used and return any equipment. Paragraph 9 of our Standard Terms sets out the details on how to do this. Please note this doesn't apply to Plusnet Protect, BT Sport over Sky or our YouView TV from Plusnet channel packs.

4. Leaving us (or us leaving you)

We don't want you to leave, but paragraph 15 of our Standard Terms sets out how you can do this if you really want to.

If you don't cancel within the 14 day cancellation period, but want to leave in your minimum term, then early termination charges may apply.

We don't normally do this but we may have to stop or suspend providing your services as set out in paragraph 16 of our Standard Terms.

5. Your responsibility to us

We want you to roam the Internet freely and enjoy our services. To ensure our services operate within the law we do need you to follow certain rules when using our services as set out in paragraph 2 of our Standard Terms and the relevant provisions of the Service Terms.

6. Our responsibility to you

We take responsibility for providing you with quality services and equipment. However, there are certain circumstances in which this responsibility to you is limited or excluded as set out in paragraph 12 of our Standard Terms and the relevant provisions of the Service Terms. These are important paragraphs and we really recommend you read them in full.

7. Changes we can make

We know you don't want to read them again but we'll sometimes need to change these terms. We'll normally let you know when we do this (see paragraph 18 of our Standard Terms). If the change is materially disadvantageous to you then you may be able to end our agreement without charge.

8. Your information

We take how we use your information very seriously. Details on the information we collect to provide our services and how we use it are set out in our Privacy Policy.

Other useful documents

We've tried to keep these terms as short as possible, but equally we don't want to keep you in the dark as to how we'll provide you with our services. We've produced the following guides and policies that may help if your queries aren't covered by these terms:

Although we'll follow these guides and policies in most cases we ask you to appreciate the world is an ever changing beast so we might not always be able to meet the standards in these guides and policies and, unlike the terms, these guides and policies aren't part of our agreement.

The Full Monty

Our full terms and conditions are set out below, and are made up of different sections.

The Standard Terms apply to everyone and then each service has its own set of Service Terms, so you can just look at the ones that are relevant to you.

If you take more than one service, the Package Terms may also apply. If you're taking one of our great offers, some extra Offer Terms will apply (as our offers change we’ll tell you about these separately).