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Enhancing the security of your Internet connection is a must, whether you are using the Internet for the Business or from Home. Ever increasing in their sophistication and quantity, security breaches through Virus and PC intrusion are affecting more and more people each year. Can you afford to not to secure the information on your PC?
With PlusNet 's new range of Security value added services you can be one step ahead.

Anti Virus - Detects and halts virus threats on the Internet before they reach your PC or network
Spam Filtering - Remove unwanted and unsolicited emails from your inbox by filtering Spam automatically
VPN Centre - Restrict and customise access to your Virtual Private Network with unique user access and Internet address rights
Personal Firewall - Firewall software to control access to the Internet both to and from your PCs
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Key Features
Text Bullet Protect individual PCs or entire networks from Internet security risks
Text Bullet Efficient and low cost removal of unwanted email and Internet traffic
Text Bullet Professional VPN and Firewall tools customised to your organisation
  Text Bullet Stop unsolicited email, viruses and web traffic at Internet level, before they can reach your users
  Text Bullet Reduce disruptions caused by security risks for more efficient use of your time
  Text Bullet Secure your personal files and information from Internet hackers
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