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Plusnet Fibre Broadband

Enjoy life in the fast lane. Our fantastic fibre optic broadband service delivers super fast speeds of up to 76Mb

Unlimited broadband

All our current fibre optic broadband products are completely unlimited.

Stream TV, music & movies

Catch up on your favourite TV shows, relax with a film or listen to a new MP3. Get them all in higher quality, with fewer interruptions.

Quicker file uploads and downloads

Sending and receiving files shouldn't be a chore. It isn't with fibre optic broadband. You can move photos, documents, graphics and larger files quicker than ever before.

Plus lots more...

Award-winning customer support 24/7, Technicolor 582n wireless router worth £40 (£5.99 P&P) and stay safe online with our Plusnet Protect security package.

Do more online at the same time

Share the same fast connection around your home. So, everyone under one roof can be browsing, watching, listening, downloading, playing and chatting all at once with no drop in speed.

Gaming without pausing

Ready to go faster? Whether you're a fan of racing, platforms or shoot em ups – enjoy all the thrills of your favourite online games.

Fibre optic broadband explained

Find out why super fast fibre is different to standard broadband, how it's installed and what you need.

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Unlimited broadband

All our current fibre packages are completely unlimited with no monthly usage limit - letting you browse and download around the clock.

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Do more online at the same time

Our super fast service lets your busy household all share the same connection on multiple devices, without slowing each other down.

TV and movies come to life in HD quality, day or night. MP3 downloads and online gaming are lightning-fast and browsing, emailing, banking and shopping are all super quick.

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Stream TV, music & movies

Experience your favourite TV, films and songs in higher quality, with better sound. Streaming the very latest soap cliff hanger, blockbuster film or freshest album with less annoying buffering is now a reality.

Had a busy week? Fibre lets you play catch up with your TV too. It's easy to go back in time and watch all the programmes you've missed.

  • Enjoy TV on demand, even at peak times
  • Enjoy HD movies with fewer interruptions
  • Catch up on the TV you've missed
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest news, sport and gossip, 24/7

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With Plusnet up to 76Mb Fibre you can stream HD video online with less buffering, with up to 8x faster speeds than standard UK broadband

Faster online gaming with fewer pauses

Zoom ahead of the competition and grab that winning trophy. With a connection giving you less delays and fast response times you've got the winning edge.

Get in on the action when hot games are released, too. Fibre makes downloading new games and testing demos a piece of cake. Plus, you can join in with the latest on-demand gaming services for fast multi-player fun.

With Plusnet Fibre you're one step closer to becoming a gaming hero.

  • Make quicker Xbox and Playstation updates
  • Take advantage of on-demand gaming services
  • Enjoy smoother gaming, thanks to consistent ping rates and less lag
  • Listen to higher quality in-game audio

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Quicker file upload and downloads

Why wait to upload and download larger files? With super fast fibre the time it takes to send more of your photos, emails with bigger attachments, videos or graphics isn't super slow.

So, you can post your latest holiday photos to Facebook in minutes, quickly create a YouTube video straight after a big event, or speak with family and friends on Skype smoothly with fewer interruptions.

  • Safely back up your files to The Cloud faster
  • Chat face to face - with crystal clear video calling
  • Photos, videos and music can be uploaded or downloaded in a flash

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Standard broadband
Fibre optic broadband

This graphic is for illustrative purposes only

Fibre explained

Fibre optic cable from the local telephone exchange to your closest street cabinet, copper cable from the cabinet to your home

1 Local Telephone Exchange

A modern network of fibre optic glass cabling runs from here, sending data at the speed of light. Unlike standard broadband your speed isn't affected by how long the cabling is. (Standard broadband sends electrical signals over copper telephone wires. The longer the copper cable is, the poorer the speed).

2 Green Cabinet

The fibre optic cables run to the green cabinets you'll have seen on/near your street. Your nearest green cabinet should be a lot closer to you than your local telephone exchange.

3 Your Home

A short copper cable then runs from your nearest green cabinet into your home. The distance the signal travels along is really short - meaning much faster speeds.

What you'll need

Minimum PC Specification

  • Windows 98SE/2000 and higher
  • Pentium II 200MHz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 150MB Free on Hard Drive
  • 4-speed CD-ROM Drive
  • Video display 800x600 / 256 colours
  • SVGA Monitor

Minimum Apple Mac Specification

  • Mac OS 8.6 and higher
  • PowerPC 601 or equivalent 200Mhz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 2-speed CD-ROM player
  • Video display 800 x 600 / 256 colours
  • 100MB free on hard drive

The engineer installing Plusnet Fibre will bring:

  • A new BT modem
  • A new faceplate for your master socket

Installing fibre

We'll arrange for an engineer to visit your house, on the earliest available date. Before they arrive they'll do some work at your local telephone exchange and green street cabinet. The engineer will then:

Netgear fibre wireless router

Bring new equipment

You'll get a Technicolor fibre wireless router, plus a BT modem.

Master socket faceplate

Fit a faceplate

Your master socket will get a new faceplate. You'll need 2 power sockets near it, or an extension cable.

The new equipment connected together

Plug your equipment in

The modem plugs into your master socket, the Technicolor router then plugs into the modem.

Fibre router wirelessly connected to a laptop and a desktop PC

Explain how it works

The engineer will show you how things work and answer your questions.

This will take about 3 hours to do. Your fibre service will then be up and running.

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Plus lots more...

UK-based customer support 24/7

It's good to know that help's at hand whenever you need it. Our award-winning UK based support team are available 365 days a year, whether you need help over the phone or online.

Included wireless router worth £40

We'll supply our latest easy setup Technicolor 582n wireless router worth £40 (P&P £5.99). It's a dedicated fibre router, so it'll support super fast up to 76Mb speeds.

Plusnet Protect keeps you and your family safe online

Our Plusnet Protect powered by McAfee security package comes free with Unlimited Fibre Extra.

With Unlimited Fibre you'll get the first 3 months free, then it's just £2 a month after that. Find out more.

Included installation worth £50

When you take both fibre optic broadband and phone with us you'll get installation worth £50 included.

Recommend a friend

Tell your friends, family or work colleagues about Plusnet – and we'll discount your monthly bill. There's no limit to the number of people you can refer, so the more you recommend the more you'll save. Find out more.

Plusnet Assist

Our free tool helps with broadband connection and email problems, Wi-Fi, setting up home networks and both creating and troubleshooting your email accounts.

You'll also get auto updates for the latest fixes, plus it'll give you handy information if you need to contact our Support Team too.

We're sorry it's not currently available for Apple OS X or Linux systems.

Find out more.

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Line Rental

When you switch your phone service to Plusnet you'll pay line rental to us, instead of your current provider. Pay £15.95 monthly and get your weekend calls included, or save money with Line Rental Saver.

Line Rental Saver

Pay 12 months line rental in advance for £155.88, equivalent to a monthly price of £12.99.

Line Rental Saver does not provide inclusive calls as standard. Any additional call plans, call features or call charges will be billed each month.