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Plusnet Broadband

No fuss, feature-packed broadband at a great price, backed with award-winning service

Up to 16Mb speeds

You'll get a personalised estimate of your broadband speed when you check what broadband packages are available.

Unlimited broadband available

Enjoy truly unlimited broadband with no usage limit. Or, choose our Essentials package which includes usage between midnight and 8am as standard.

Wireless router included

Get our latest Technicolor 582n wireless router worth £40 (P&P £5.99).

UK based customer support 24/7

Day or night, our award-winning customer support team are on hand if you need help 365 days a year.

Usage allowances explained

Find out how much you can download with our usage allowances.

Plus lots more...

Stay safe from spam, viruses and phishing with Plusnet Protect and save money with our generous referrals scheme.

Check out our latest broadband and phone products.
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Up to 16Mb speeds

Whether you're switching to us, or a broadband newbie, we'll give you the fastest broadband speed that your telephone line can comfortably handle. That's why we say our speeds are 'up to'.

Your speeds are determined by...

Distance from telephone exchange:
Phone lines can be several miles long, from the exchange to an address. Shorter phone lines can support higher speeds. So, the shorter the phone line the faster the speed. We'll always give you the best possible speed that your line can happily support.
Quality of your telephone line:
Phone lines are made of copper. Damaged, corroded copper, or poor connections between cables means slower broadband speeds.
Bad weather, electrical interference from household appliances and demand at peak times can also affect speeds.

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Plusnet speedometer

Wireless router included

We'll supply our latest easy setup Technicolor 582n wireless router worth £40 (P&P £5.99).

It's simple to use. Just plug it in and follow the included setup guide - it'll automatically connect to the internet for you.

Prefer to use your own router? No problem. Just check that it'll work with us first.

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UK based customer support 24/7

It's good to know that help's at hand whenever you need it. Our award-winning UK based support team are available 365 days a year, whether you need help over the phone or online.

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Unlimited broadband available

Rather surf than sleep? We offer truly unlimited broadband with no monthly usage limit - letting you browse and download around the clock. We also offer unlimited on our super fast, super affordable fibre optic broadband packages.

Even our Essentials package comes with free overnight usage between midnight and 8am as standard. So, no matter which package you choose you can browse, or make larger downloads as much as you like.

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Plusnet unlimited file stack

Usage allowances explained

Here's a rough guide to what you could do with your monthly usage allowances. Or, why not go unlimited for total freedom?

With 10GB monthly usage:

  • Browse - up to 3GB
    (e.g. reading, shopping, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Email - send/receive 5,000 text emails, 50 with photo attachments
  • TV - download a one hour HD programme
  • Video - download 15 clips
  • MP3 - download 50 songs
  • Gaming - play online for 10 hours
  • Movies - download 1 HD quality film

With 40GB monthly usage:

  • Browse - up to 3GB
  • Email - send/receive 10,000 text emails, 100 with photo attachments
  • TV - download 10 one hour HD programme
  • Video - download 50 clips
  • MP3 - download 200 songs
  • Gaming - play online for 50 hours
  • Movies - download 5 HD quality film

With unlimited monthly usage:

  • Browse, email, download, watch, listen and game
    - as much as you like

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Plusnet fibre usage shadow

Our monthly usage allowances are: 10GB on Essentials, 40GB on Essentials Fibre and no limits on our Unlimited and Unlimited Fibre packages

Plus lots more...

Plusnet Protect keeps you and your family safe online

Our Plusnet Protect powered by McAfee security package comes free with Plusnet Unlimited, or with Essentials you'll get the first 3 months free, then it's just £2 a month after that. Find out more.

Recommend a friend

Tell your friends, family or work colleagues about Plusnet – and we'll discount your monthly bill. There's no limit to the number of people you can refer, so the more you recommend the more you'll save. Find out more.

Plusnet Assist

Our free tool helps with broadband connection and email problems, Wi-Fi, setting up home networks and both creating and troubleshooting your email accounts.

You'll also get auto updates for the latest fixes, plus it'll give you handy information if you need to contact our Support Team too.

We're sorry it's not currently available for Apple OS X or Linux systems.

Find out more.

Included activation worth £25

All our contracted broadband and home phone packages include activation worth £25. So there's no upfront costs to worry about.

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Plusnet extras laptop
Plusnet extras roundel
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Line Rental

When you switch your phone service to Plusnet you'll pay line rental to us, instead of your current provider. Pay £14.50 monthly and get your weekend calls included, or save money with Line Rental Saver.

Line Rental Saver

Pay for 12 months line rental in advance for £131.88, equivalent to a monthly price of £10.99 (only available online). This option does not include any inclusive calls.

Call features and call charges will still be billed monthly.

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