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Email acceptable use policy

53 Use of Email

53.1 You must accept and read regularly email to postmaster@<username>

53.2 We accept no responsibility for loss of data, information in any form or other matters whatsoever which result from the use of this Service.

If you exceed a total of 25Mb of unread email for more than a 30 day period it will be removed without notice to you.

53.4 You may not send any adult material, material liable to offend, defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material using the email service. You will be held responsible for and accept responsibility for any material of this nature available via your email. We accept no responsibility for material of this nature available via your email.

53.5 We shall not be held liable for any loss of material however occasioned.

53.6 Access to your email will not be possible if your account is, for any reason, suspended.

53.7 You may not use your email to post unsolicited messages to groups of people, nor may you operate an Open Relay.

53.8 If so requested by us or a recipient of your email, you must desist from posting messages to said recipient on request.

53.9 Any decision made by us in relation to this service shall be final.

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