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Summary: A handy reference guide to all the server and connection details you may need.
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Fibre Broadband Connection Settings - [more]
Broadband username - Username Guide
Connection type PPPoE always on
Broadband Connection Settings - [more]
Broadband username - Username Guide
Broadband password Your account password
Connection type PPPoA
VPI & VCI 0 & 38
Multiplex Method VC-MUX or VC Based
Email Settings - [more]
Email address format
Incoming (POP3) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Server
IMAP Server
Usenet Server
DNS Settings - [help]
Broadband and Dial-up DNS
Broadband and Dial-up DNS (alternative set)
Primary DNS
Dial-up only DNS
Webpage Addresses - [help]
Your website
Web Server Addresses (to upload files) - [help]
FTP (uploading files)
CGI (uploading scripts)
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