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Setup guides, advice and troubleshooting

Getting started

Email FAQ
Before you start, you can find the answers to some common questions here.

Email Setup Guides
Step by step guides for the most popular email programs.

How to Add a New Email Address
Here we'll show you how to add a new email addresses to your account.

Email addresses explained
Confused by our email terminology? Want to know how to create a Plusnet email address? What about Mailboxes, Aliases, Redirects and Catch-Alls? All the answers are here.

Using email

Manage my mail overview
A look around the tool you'll be using to manage your email account.

Use Webmail to check your email from anywhere in the world. Find out more here.

Spam protection
Here we'll explain how you can keep spam to a minimum.

Email troubleshooting
Having problems with your email? These guides help solve the most common issues and show you how to contact us if you can't.

Outlook Express error guide
Having problems with Outlook Express? See if this error guide can help you.

Obtaining email headers
Help with getting the header information that is useful in the investigation of email problems.

Related services

Find out about Usenet and how to connect to it.

SMTP delivery
Find out how you can use Plusnet email with your own mail server.