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Email setup: Mac Mail (OS X Tiger 10.4)

Summary: Guide to setting up Mac Mail on OS X Tiger 10.4.
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In this guide we'll show you how to set up a new email account on Mac Mail version 2 (Included with Mac OS X 10.4).

You can use these instructions to set up email for your Plusnet email address or email for a domain hosted on your account.

  1. Open Mail (If it's not on your Dock, you'll find it in the Applications folder).

    If this is the first time you've opened Mail, the Welcome to Mail window will appear automatically, (continue to Step 4).

    If you are simply adding a new account, click the Mail menu then click Preferences...

    Mail - Main Screen
  2. Click the Accounts tab.

    Mail - Preferences
  3. Click the + button.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts
  4. Enter your information as follows.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts -  General
    1. Select either POP or IMAP from the dropdown list.
    2. Enter a description for the account you are creating. This is displayed within Mac Mail to help you identify the account in future.
    3. Enter the name to show next to your email address when sending email.
    4. Enter the email address for the account you are setting up.
    5. Click Continue.
  5. Enter information for the Incoming Mail Server as follows.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts - Incoming Mail Server
    1. Enter the incoming server name. For POP3, this is, for IMAP this is
    2. Enter your username. For your first Plusnet email address, this is your username. For any additional mailboxes, the username is in the format username+mailbox. For example, if your login name is website and your mailbox is called fred, the username would be website+fred
    3. Enter the password associated with this mail account

    When you've finished entering these details, click Continue.

  6. Enter information for the Outgoing Mail Server as follows.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts - Outgoing Mail Server
    1. Enter the outgoing server name, which is
    2. If you want to use authentication when sending mail (you don't have to), tick Use Authentication and enter your Account username and password
    3. Click Continue
  7. You will now see a summary of the account information you have entered. Check that everything has been typed in correctly and click Continue. Click Go Back if you need to change any of the settings.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts - Account Summary
  8. You have now completed the setup. If you need to set up another account, click the Create Another Account button and follow the instructions again from Step 4, or click Done to return to the Preferences screen.

    Mail - Preferences - Accounts - Conclusion

This page last updated 25th January 2010

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