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PlusNet confirm pricing and features for Business ADSL
Thursday 28th March 2002 - Sheffield, UK

PlusNet are pleased to confirm the pricing and features of their business ADSL range.

From just £29.99 [£35.24 Inc VAT] per month, businesses can utilize the entry level solution "Netstart".

The Netstart package is suitable for small networks and single computer connections. Based around a 50:1 contention ratio at the exchange, Netstart provides the ideal stepping stone to ADSL for small businesses and remote workers.

Your business may need to support a larger network, or have access to more bandwidth. Available for connection at speeds up to 2mbit/s, and at a lower contention ratio of 20:1, PlusNet ADSL Office costs as little as £55 [£64.63 Inc VAT] per month. Business Support is provided 24*7, 365 days per year, and all solutions come with Static IP addresses, hosting for 5 domains and also included Domains to be registered free of charge. All of this, and the advanced services you have come to expect as standard from PlusNet are included in the solutions.

Self-Install ADSL Office 500, 1000, and 2000 are priced at £55 [£64.63 Inc VAT], £90 [£105.75 Inc VAT] and £110 [£129.25 Inc VAT], respectively.

The activation fee for all PlusNet Self-Install Business ADSL is £50 [£58.75 Inc VAT].

All PlusNet Business ADSL solutions are based on an optional 1 month evaluation period, followed by a 12 month contract.

PlusNet 's business ADSL service, reinforced with the automation and accountability of provisioning and support, along with their commitment to quality of service, means that PlusNet is the best choice for business ADSL in the UK.

Alistair Wyse, Technical Director for PlusNet said, "Our new range of ADSL Business solutions cater for the Internet needs of any organisation. From the smaller office, to a larger site, we've got it covered -and starting at only £29.99, and with these unique features, you won't find a better deal for your money!"

With pricing already at the leading edge in the market place, PlusNet customers have the ability to get an even better deal through PlusNet's Referral Scheme, which gives customers a monthly value for all accounts referred. Wyse concluded, "Customers can receive up to £5.11 [£6.00 Inc VAT] per month, per referral, for as long as the new account is with us. Due to the automation, this is both profitable for us while giving the customer access to the best Business ADSL deal in the country."

To find out more about PlusNet 's great value ADSL deals for business, visit: http://www.plus.net