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PACKAGES GUIDE Everything you need to know about our packages

Plusnet Business Broadband

Cost-effective, dependable and quality connectivity to enhance your business' performance - whether you're a home worker, SME or more established company.

From packages with included monthly usage, to unlimited packages with no restrictions, our up to 18Mb broadband lets you run all your business-critical applications reliably online.

Get Business Broadband now

Up to 18Mb speeds

Whether you're switching to us, or a broadband newbie, we'll give you the fastest broadband speed that your telephone line can comfortably handle. That's why we say our speeds are 'up to'.

Your speeds are determined by...

Distance from telephone exchange:
Phone lines can be several miles long, from the exchange to an address. Shorter phone lines can support higher speeds. So, the shorter the phone line the faster the speed. We'll always give you the best possible speed that your line can happily support.
Quality of your telephone line:
Phone lines are made of copper. Damaged, corroded copper, or poor connections between cables means slower broadband speeds.
Bad weather, electrical interference from household appliances and demand at peak times can also affect speeds.

Flexible contract options

Choose from either a 12 or 24 month fixed price contract. Our price guarantee makes sure your unlimited broadband and line rental costs won't increase for the length of your contract. Taking a 24 month contract gives you our lowest monthly line rental price, plus a host of extras, including one premise move** and a new line install (saving £50)- great for growing businesses

Wireless router

Our broadband and fibre services come with our latest easy setup wireless router worth £40. It's simple to use. Just plug it in and follow the included setup guide - it'll automatically connect to the internet for you.

Prefer to use your own router? No problem. Most broadband routers should work - unless they're locked to another provider's network. However, we do recommend that you use the router that we supply.

UK-based Business Support available 24/7

Our most technically skilled and customer-focused staff join our dedicated Business Support Team. Whether it's phone or online help you need, you'll get an expert to answer your query or take personal ownership of your problem.

We don't stick to scripts - our team are encouraged to talk to you as real people. Building relationships with our customers is important to us, that's why Plusnet has won industry awards for exceptional Customer Service.

Business support worker

Unlimited broadband as Standard

For many businesses reliable 24/7 connectivity is critical. And, if you're a demanding internet user you'll always be keeping one eye on your costs.

Our unlimited affordable broadband packages can cope with the heaviest, bandwidth-intensive activities in your office. As there's no monthly download limit or extra charges to worry about, you won't receive any large bills, making it easy to budget for each month.

Our network

We intelligently manage our network and back it up with high quality infrastructure. This makes sure that all our customers get the very best quality broadband experience. Priority is given to time-sensitive and interactive traffic, so your important VoIP, video calls, VPN and browsing work properly, even when there's lots of people in your office all online at once.

Along with dedicated bandwidth our network has spare capacity too - so it's fully scalable and future-proof.

Value added services

Plusnet SafeGuard

Included with all our broadband packages, Plusnet SafeGuard filters inappropriate web content - so you decide what your business can see.

  • Onine control - no downloads or updates needed
  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • A large range of categories to block
  • Allow access to safe websites

Activate SafeGuard when you sign up, or at any time afterwards by visiting your control panel in the Member Centre. Then, just change the settings to the level of protection you need.


The Annex-M add-on allows users on ADSL2+ (in Annex M enabled exchanges) to potentially receive up to 2.5Mbps upstream, by sacrificing a small amount of available downstream bandwidth.

Ideal where upstream speeds are key to your business.

Prioritised Service

Lines on older 20CN/ADSL1 exchange equipment benefit from an increase in upload speed from 448kbps to up to 832kbps. Traffic is also prioritised to minimise the potential for congestion within the BT Wholesale network.

Those on newer 21CN/ADSL2+ exchange equipment, who already benefit from up to 1.3Mbps upload speeds, receive a higher quality of service. This ensures low latency and reduces the potential for things to slow when the BT Wholesale network gets busy.

Prioritised service is perfect for businesses that rely on time sensitive applications like VoIP, video conferencing and VPN and want to safeguard from congestion at their local exchange.

Enhanced Care

With Enhanced Care, any faults a customer reports are prioritised by our support team, then fixed and closed within 24 hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm). This includes out-of-hours engineer repair work, where necessary.

Essential for businesses which would be seriously impacted by a fault.