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    Plusnet Code of Practice

    All about Plusnet and the services we provide.

    As a company who provide electronic communications, we're required by Ofcom (the industry regulator) to produce various codes of practice.

    Our Code of Practice is set out below. We pride ourselves on meeting all the standards set for us and complying with Ofcom's General Conditions. We regularly review our processes, systems and people to ensure we're doing just that.

    Our Code of Practice

    Plusnet Plc is a company registered in England and Wales (Company No. 03279013). Our registered office is Endeavour, Sheffield Digital Campus, 1a Concourse Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2BJ.

    We provide broadband, fibre, phone and mobile services throughout most of the UK. With over 18 years of experience we know what makes the best balance of cost, features and support.

    We'll always look to follow the standards we set out in this Code of Practice, but it isn't part of any contract between you and Plusnet. The products and services described in this document might not always be available, and might also change from time to time.

    The fastest way to contact us is by giving us a call on 0330 1239 123, or by messaging us on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

    You can also get in touch with us by writing to Plusnet Plc, Endeavour, Sheffield Digital Campus, 1a Concourse Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BJ.

    We'll aim to respond to all written communications within ten working days.

    We offer support to anyone with a speech or hearing impairment through TypeTalk's text relay service. We can also provide our terms and conditions, and this Code of Practice, in large print and Braille for visually impaired customers.

    Whilst we aim to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction, we acknowledge that problems do come up from time to time. If you're not satisfied with the service you are receiving, please see our Customer Complaints Code of Practice.

    We offer a wide range of great value internet and phone packages for both residential and business customers.

    See our latest offers.


    Find out more about our residential broadband packages and business broadband packages.


    Find out more about our residential phone packages and business phone packages.

    Fibre broadband

    Find out more about our residential fibre broadband and business fibre broadband.

    Plusnet Mobile

    Find out more about Plusnet Mobile.


    You can find out more about any minimum terms that apply to our broadband, home phone or mobile services in our About your contract length guide.

    Our residential terms and conditions apply to all our residential broadband, fibre, phone and from Plusnet services.

    For our mobile services, including both our SIM only packages and where we provide mobile phones, our Mobile Terms will apply.

    For our business broadband, fibre and phone services, our Plusnet Business Terms and Conditions will apply.

    All our services have to be used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. We'll also comply with all applicable legislation.

    We take our obligations under our terms and conditions and applicable legislation very seriously. They ensure that we meet the needs and demands of our customers and that we continue to deliver a great service.



    We're proud of how reliable our network is and we aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service.

    However, we cannot guarantee that the service will always be fault free as sometimes things go wrong.

    Before reporting a fault, you might find it helpful to browse our Help & Support pages.

    If you're still having issues with your broadband, we want to help. You can either raise the issue through our broadband troubleshooter or call us.

    Details on how to report a fault are available here. We aim to correct all reported faults as soon as is reasonably possible.

    Faulty phones

    If your mobile phone is faulty, we might be able to help. It depends whether you bought the phone directly from us, or from another store or service provider. If you bought your phone directly from us, our mobile phone faults policy applies. If you didn't buy your phone directly from us, but bought it from another seller, you'll need to speak to them directly.

    Engineer Visits

    If an engineer is required to visit your premises and the fault is found to be caused by your equipment, internal wiring, or as a result of damage to our or BT equipment, you might need to pay a call out charge.

    We don't guarantee that the service will always be fault free or uninterrupted. If you tell us about a fault, we'll pay compensation in accordance with our Compensation Code of Practice and your legal rights in respect of services which have not been provided with reasonable skill and care.

    We'll always try and provide you with an uninterrupted service. But you might experience a break in service as a result of a power cut or power failure. This could impact your telephone, broadband and ability to contact emergency services.

    Sometimes it is also necessary to carry out maintenance or repairs of our network but before we do this, we'll try to give you as much notice as we can and do our best to restore the service as soon as possible.

    Our standard prices and call charges are set out in our price and tariff guides. If you're a business customer, you'll find our standard prices and call charges in our charges schedule and tariff guides.


    As our customer, you've agreed to pay for your selected service(s) as outlined within the relevant terms and conditions, including all charges for the equipment and services we supply to you. This includes any additional charges detailed within the relevant terms and conditions, price guide (or our charges schedule if you're a business customer) or tariff guide.

    If you or we find a mistake on your bill, you'll be credited accordingly. But if we've no reasonable grounds to believe a call didn't originate from your home phone or mobile, or that the price of that call is incorrect, you'll be liable for the call(s) at the applicable rate at that time.

    It's important you check our call tariff rates before making any calls using our home phone or mobile service as you're liable for the cost of any calls originating from your home phone or mobile.

    When you register for a service with us you're able to view any charges for which you're liable to pay by logging into the Member Centre or Plusnet Mobile account. We'll notify you by email before your scheduled billing date of any charges to be applied.


    We expect all our customers to adhere to the payment terms within the relevant terms and conditions and pay their bills promptly. If you fail to make payment of the charges you owe to us when they are due, exceed any agreed credit threshold with us or fail to make payment by the due date we may at our discretion restrict or cancel your service, in part or in full until payment has been received. More information can be found in our failed payments policy.

    If we cancel the services provided to you because you haven't made payment within the terms and conditions and you later decide to resume the service, you might be liable to pay a re-activation and administration charge.

    If you're going away for a long time and you might miss a payment, please tell us. This is so we can avoid restricting your service and save you a reconnection fee. For further information, please take a look at our billing guide.

    If you're not satisfied with our service and wish to leave us, you can, so long as it's in accordance with the terms and conditions between us. Our Mobile Cancellation Policy or our Broadband and Home Phone Cancellation Policy can provide further guidance on this.

    We take the security of our websites and your data extremely seriously. Our privacy policy sets out how we use your personal information.

    We understand that nuisance or malicious calls can be annoying and worrying. We've produced a nuisance calls guide to assist in dealing with or tackling such calls, should they occur.

    Telephone Preference Scheme (TPS)

    The Telephone Preference Service is a central register which your name can be placed on, for free, if you don't want to receive sales and marketing phone calls. We've outlined details of this in our telephone nuisance call guide. Business customers may be interested in a similar service called CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service). You can get more information on both of these at

    Fax Preference Scheme (FPS)

    A similar service to the TPS is available for businesses and customers who don't wish to receive unsolicited sales and marketing faxes. Details on the Fax Preference Scheme (FPS) and how to register can be found at

    As mentioned above it's your responsibility to make sure you understand the charges associated with each call you make. This especially applies to Premium Rate Numbers (numbers starting with 09xx) and Number Translation Services (numbers starting with 08xx).

    You can find details of our call charges for home phone services in our tariff guide. And you can find details of our call charges for mobile services in our mobile price guide.

    If you have any queries regarding either of these number types you may find the following information useful:

    We are bound by the Phone-paid Services Authority's code of practice.

    The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) is the new name for PhonepayPlus. They are the industry-funded body for all premium rate charged telecommunication services. The PSA protect customers through their code of practice, which regulates all aspects of premium rate number services, while also encouraging competition, growth and innovation in the market. They deal specifically with:

    • Numbers beginning with 090 and 091
    • Some 08 numbers
    • Directory enquiry services operating on numbers beginning with 118
    • Reverse-billed SMS (short message service) in which you're charged for receiving the messages, containing content operating on shortcodes. Shortcodes have 4 or 5 digits and start with 8, 6 or 2. We don't currently support this service, but keep your eyes peeled in the future

    If you think a particular service falls within the PSA's remit, you can submit a complaint to them or call their free helpline on 0300 30 300 20. However, first we'd recommend using their online number checker. This will give you instant information about the provider of the premium services number such as their name and contact details. They also offer advice on how to get a refund for a service you don't believe you should be charged for.

    We are also a member of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. While we always do our best to make our customers happy, we understand that sometimes things go wrong. We encourage you to get in touch in these situations. However, if that conversation doesn't lead to a solution you're happy with, ADR schemes act as a middleman to bring the complaint to a satisfactory resolution. For more information about how we deal with complaints, take a look at our complaints code of practice.

    Premium rate content comes at a price, so sometimes it might be useful to stop phones on your account from being able to access it. Doing this is simple.

    1. Just log into the and go to the Home Phone Control Panel
    2. Select the 'Call Features' tab
    3. Once there, choose 'Call Barring'. This will then prompt you to create a 4 digit PIN that will allow you to remove any barred numbers in the future
    4. Click submit, followed by 'add features'

    Once that's set up, you can bar specific numbers by dialling the codes below into your phone.

    • *341# - This will bar almost all calls from your phone
    • *342# - Bar national and international calls and calls to mobiles
    • *343# - Bar international calls
    • *344# - Bar all operator calls
    • *345# - Bar any numbers with a * or # in them
    • *347# - Bar calls to premium rate numbers

    Call barring will be added within the next 24 hours.

    • #34 'the relevant code i.e.1-7'*PIN# - Cancel call barring
    • *#34# - Check whether call barring is switched on

    Some services require you to subscribe. That means they might charge you a monthly subscription fee or send you a number of chargeable messages every month.

    Before you subscribe to a premium rate service, you should be sent a free welcome message which contains useful information. It includes charges for the service and how to unsubscribe. If you want to terminate the service, or you've subscribed to a service mistakenly, you can send the word 'STOP' to the shortcode. When you've done that, you shouldn't receive any more chargeable messages. You should always be given the contact details of the company and the cost of the service before using it. If you've got a query, a complaint, you haven't received the service or want a refund, you should contact the third party providing the subscription service directly.

    Ofcom have set out rules to stop mobile phone service providers using underhand sales and marketing activities. They're called General Condition C8 . You can read how we comply with them in our General Condition C8 Policy.

    We also adhere to the rules in General Condition C7 that prevent mis-selling or slamming of a phone or broadband service (where someone tries to transfer a phone or broadband service to another phone company without the customer's knowledge or consent).

    If you can't access these documents, we'll send you printed copies free of charge if you get in touch with us.

    We give our people the right training to make sure you're sold the right product and you know exactly what you're buying. All our sales people follow these rules and regulations to make sure you're protected.

    At Plusnet we're committed to providing the best customer service to all our customers, including those with disabilities. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the most out of the services we provide.

    For more information, please visit our Accessibility page or contact our Support Team.

    New Ofcom regulations designed to protect you. These changes, implemented because of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), improve the rights you have when we make changes to your plan or services. Where we do make changes, you will be able to cancel the service that's changing. We will make sure we tell you what services you can cancel when we tell you about a change. For more information see our EECC FAQs.

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