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Plusnet Business Fibre

Today's fast-paced business world means it's essential to keep up with the rest of your industry. Effective communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers is key to success.

Plusnet Business Fibre lets you stay lean and flexible, doing much more in less time. Share large files quicker, connect with others via HD calls and work effectively from home, just as you would in the office.

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Up to 76.0Mb speeds

Don't lose out to your competitors. Superfast Plusnet Business Fibre allows multiple users to communicate and share information faster than standard broadband. It improves productivity, saving you both valuable time and money.

Flexible contract options

Choose from either a 12 or 24 month fixed price contract. Our price guarantee makes sure your unlimited broadband and line rental costs won't increase for the length of your contract. Taking a 24 month contract gives you our lowest monthly line rental price, plus a host of extras, including one premise move** and a new line install (saving £50)- great for growing businesses

Faster file transfer

Superfast fibre offers a wealth of benefits for your business. Large media-heavy files are transferred to colleagues or clients quickly – so no more paying for, or waiting for couriers to deliver work. Webpages load faster and email is sent and received in an instant. With fibre there's no slowing down, even at peak times. So, you won't be waiting for your broadband to catch up with what you're doing.

Plus if you're a customer–facing business offering Wi-Fi, Plusnet's superfast fibre speeds will be more than enough to offer a reliable service.

HD video calls

Make fast decisions with colleagues and customers via real-time HD video. You'll save on time and travelling costs to meetings – and reduce your carbon footprint too. Plus, thanks to fibre's fast speeds, all the information and tools you'll need for your conference are ready instantly.

Remote access and homeworking

Take advantage of the Cloud's hosted applications and online data storage capabilities. Ideal for SME's who want to store their entire network offsite.

Teaming superfast broadband with the Cloud frees you from the expense of physical hardware, software, and licences. With no ongoing server maintenance you'll free up valuable office space, plus your important files, accounts and billing data are securely backed up for quick access.

Fibre also makes effective homeworking a reality - letting you do everything you'd normally do in the office. Access to shared documents is instant - even large media files. So, it's easy for staff to collaborate over work with colleagues, suppliers and clients without the overhead of them having to be in the office. However you use it, Plusnet Business Fibre is a cost-effective solution.

Our fastest router ever

All our fibre packages now include the Plusnet Hub One router.

The Hub One uses smart, dual band Wi-Fi and gigabit Ethernet ports to provide the best possible speed for all your devices.

It's simple to use. Just plug it in and follow the included setup guide - it'll automatically connect to the internet for you.

Fibre Explained

Fibre optic cable from the local telephone exchange to your closest street cabinet, copper cable from the cabinet to your business

1 Local Telephone Exchange

A modern network of fibre optic glass cabling runs from here, sending data at the speed of light. Unlike standard broadband your speed isn't affected by how long the cabling is. (Standard broadband sends electrical signals over copper telephone wires. The longer the copper cable is, the poorer the speed).

2 Green Cabinet

The fibre optic cables run to the green cabinets you'll have seen on/near your street. Your nearest green cabinet should be a lot closer to you than your local telephone exchange.

3 Your Business

A short copper cable then runs from your nearest green cabinet into your business. The distance the signal travels along is really short - meaning much faster speeds.

What you'll need

Minimum PC Specification

  • Windows 98SE/2000 and higher
  • Pentium II 200MHz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 150MB Free on Hard Drive
  • 4-speed CD-ROM Drive
  • Video display 800x600 / 256 colours
  • SVGA Monitor

Minimum Apple Mac Specification

  • Mac OS 8.6 and higher
  • PowerPC 601 or equivalent 200Mhz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 2-speed CD-ROM player
  • Video display 800 x 600 / 256 colours
  • 100MB free on hard drive

Unlimited broadband as Standard

For many businesses reliable 24/7 connectivity is critical. And, if you're a demanding internet user you'll always be keeping one eye on your costs.

Our unlimited affordable broadband packages can cope with the heaviest, bandwidth-intensive activities in your office. As there's no monthly download limit or extra charges to worry about, you won't receive any large bills, making it easy to budget for each month.

Plus more

UK-based Business Support available 24/7

Our most technically skilled and customer-focused staff form our dedicated Business Support Centre. Whether it's phone or online help you need, you'll get an expert to answer your query or take personal ownership of your problem.

We don't stick to scripts - our team are encouraged to talk to you as real people. Building relationships with our customers is important to us, that's why Plusnet has won industry awards for our exceptional Customer Service.

Read more about support
Our network

We're committed to scaling our network in line with customer demand and back it up with high quality infrastructure and resilience. This makes sure that all our customers get the very best quality broadband experience.

Along with dedicated bandwidth our network has spare capacity too, so it's fully scalable and future-proof.

Read more about our network

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