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Important information about our business services

Plusnet Business packages are no longer available

Being part of the BT Group we want to ensure you can access the broadband products and services that meet the future needs of your business. We're working very closely with our colleagues at BT for Business, who have dedicated specialists to support smaller companies.

Alongside changes to our services, there’s important developments happening in the broadband industry which could effect your business.

For help migrating your Plusnet broadband and phone service to BT for Business, call our team on 0800 389 7854

Landlines are going digital

As part of a nationwide upgrade programme, all analogue telephone lines are going digital. The work has already started, and by 2025 all phone lines will run over the internet and traditional  landlines will no longer be used. BT for Business are offering solutions now to get your company digital ready.

Get ahead. Go digital

A digital phone line allows you to make and receive calls like you’ve always done. The difference is your calls are made using an  internet connection. You’ll still have all the same features as a traditional phone line, but with an added benefit that you can make and take calls wherever you are. You’ll also be provided with a dedicated broadband connection to give you the fastest speeds possible at your location.

Get ahead now with a broadband and digital phone deal from BT for Business. Just call 0800 389 7854 and we’ll sort everything for you.

BT's five steps to digital

BT business solutions

As part of BT Group, we have a team of dedicated specialists who can help find the best broadband solution for your business, all at a great price.

Still in contract?

Don’t worry, we’ll waive any early termination fees if you’re still within the minimum term, whether you wish to cancel, move to BT for Business or another provider.

Plusnet and BT logo

For more information about changes to our services and what this means for you see our Plusnet Business Broadband FAQs.

Get connected with BT

When you choose BT for business, you're in safe hands. We'll work with you to find the products and services that best serve your needs, with expert support at every step of the way.

Work almost anywhere

Only BT Essential bundles offer free unlimited access to over five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.

Speed that’s guaranteed

If your speed drops below what we've promised and we can't fix it, you could walk away. And if there's a fault, we offer round the clock support to fix it within 48 hours.

Extra speeds, no extra cost

With Hybrid Speed Boost, our business broadband is on average 20Mbps faster – more than twice as fast – in ADSL-only areas than the competition (using BT Openreach).

Discover more BT services

Get connected or stay connected. Whether you need connectivity for one office, locations in the same town, or sites miles apart, BT brings your teams together as one.

An unbreakable connection, guaranteed

If there's a problem, Hybrid Connect automatically switches over to EE's 4G network.

Join today and connect tomorrow

We'll deliver the Hybrid Connect device the next working day (if ordered by 12pm) – so you can get online straight away.

Static IP

If you run your own website or email server, use certain apps, or need to access your PC from anywhere in the world.

Our specialist, UK-based support is available 24/7 on 0800 028 0282

Sales: 0800 023 2221

9am - 5.30pm

Monday - Friday