Quality help 24/7, 365 days a year

At the heart of Plusnet is our Business Support Team. We hand pick our most skilled staff and train them to deliver unrivalled levels of customer service. They're on the same floor, all under one roof in the UK.

Whether you call or contact us online, a specialist will help you, 24/7, 365 days a year. You'll get no scripts, no hurried conversations, just real people who are passionate about broadband and great customer support.

Our service ethos

We know how important broadband is for your business. We also understand that you need to be able to trust your provider to fix things if there are problems. Providing outstanding customer support is at the heart of everything we do and our Business Support Team has the following ethos:

We'll make it easy for you to get in touch

Every business is different and needs help in different ways. That's why as well as our team manning our 0800 freephone support line, we've also got a wealth of online help. From broadband, email and phone FAQs in our support section, to our Community Site business forums, you've got different ways to get the help you need.

We'll take ownership

If you do need help you'll be in the hands of someone who takes ownership of your problem. We'll call you, text you, or update you online until your problem is fixed. We know that small things make a big difference too. So, if you'd prefer, you can ask to speak to someone you've spoken to before. And, as long as they're free you can chat to them.

We won't stop until we fix your issue

We pride ourselves on our superb levels of support, fast call answer rates and fixing problems quickly. That means you can spend less time calling us and more time focusing on your business.

We'll explain things on your terms

From guiding you through things in simple, plain English, to discussing more technical details when it's needed, our team of broadband experts will make sure you understand what's going on. We'll be open, honest and most importantly we'll listen to you.

We'll always be committed to you

When you need help you need answers fast - to keep your business running smoothly. That's why we set ourselves target response times. We go the extra mile to deliver the very best turnaround to your queries. Wherever possible we'll do what we can to fix your problem first time, even if it means the call lasts a little longer. Every member of the Business Support Team is multi-skilled, so you won't get pushed around or constantly put on hold in search of an answer to your query.

Meet some of our team

Nick Silverwood, Head of Business

I'm proud to work with a team who have the technical skills to support a diverse customer base, whilst also striving to deliver the highest levels of customer service. They're able to switch from helping small business customers, to working with IT specialists. It's not an easy skill - but they excel at these kinds of situations on a daily basis. Our continued success is dependent on these guys. They're what separates us from other providers and that gives me a huge level of comfort. I know you'll be in safe hands.

Nick Silverwood Head of Business
Lee Simister, Business Support Team Leader

Business Support is a fantastic place to work. To have a small, multi-skilled team means that we can help you with any queries from the off. We'll adapt our conversation to suit you too, so if you're a start-up business who's never used broadband before, or if you're a business' IT Support, you've nothing to worry about. We'll be clear, helpful and honest whatever the problem may be.

Lee Simister Business Support Team Leader
Kev Scott, Business Support Agent

I love working in Business support because I work with a group of friends, not colleagues. It's a fun place to work and we want to give the best level of support all the time. We all love our jobs.

Kev Scott Business Support Agent
Joseph Yates, Business Support Agent

BSC is awesome because we're able to take time out to fix in-depth and intricate customer problems, and it's actively encouraged of us. Because of this the knowledge within the team is second to none. If I don't know the answer I can turn to one of my colleagues who will know and vice versa.

Joseph Yates Business Support Agent
Samantha Radford, Business Support Agent

I love being part of the business team as the satisfaction I get from resolving some of the challenges we are faced with is amazing. The team always make me feel valued and respected, while being caring, fun, dynamic and sharing a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of our service which helps provide a great customer experience.

Samantha Radford Business Support Agent

Ways to get in touch

  • By phone: Business Support available 24/7 on 0800 028 0282 or 0330 123 9123
  • Online: You can also contact us online: Raise a question

Our network

A resilient, managed network means high-quality broadband for all our customers.

Network diagram
Find out about our network

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