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Changes to Plusnet Business Broadband

All your questions answered about Plusnet Business Broadband services and what this means for you.

We're making some changes to the packages and services we'll be offering in the future, and will be closing our business broadband services. Your service will continue as normal for the time being and we will write to you to advise you of the service closure date. We would urge you to take action as soon as possible so you have sufficient time to transfer your service.

Plusnet Business is part of the BT family, so we work closely with the BT for Business Team. They have dedicated specialists to support smaller companies, who can help find the best broadband solution for your business, all at a great price.

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We are contacting all our customers so you will receive an email or letter from us explaining the changes to our service and the options available to you:

You can move your account to BT for Business

We are no longer accepting new signups or allowing existing customers to renew contracts. We are part of the BT Group so have a very close working partnership with our colleagues at BT for Business. We’re now taking this opportunity to make you aware of the business broadband packages and specialist support they have available for small businesses. This includes:

  • Full Fibre the latest and UK’s most reliable broadband with speeds up to 900Mb
  • BT Cloud Voice for keeping costs down on calling, meeting and messaging
  • Advanced security to keep your business safe with 24/7 support every day of the year
  • Free Square Reader for secure contactless payment for your customers
  • Guest WiFi access for small to medium sized businesses at no extra cost

It’s easy to move your account to BT for Business, just give us a call on 0800 389 7854 and we’ll help get everything sorted for you. We’ll also waive any early termination charges if you’re still in contract.

If you don’t want to move to BT for Business

If you don’t want to move your broadband service to BT for Business,  you can leave free of charge, and either switch to another provider or cancel your service by giving us 10 days’ notice.

If you choose to leave before your contract ends, you will not be charged an Early Termination fee.

Looking for broadband for your home?

If you don’t need business broadband services in the future, but require a broadband plan for your home, we can help. We’ve got a range of great value, superfast, reliable packages on offer. See our latest home broadband deals and give us a call to chat through your options about switching your account.

This is a system generated communication that we’re working hard to fix. You don’t have to pay an early termination fee to cancel or move your service to another provider, so please ignore the information in the message.

You’ll see an Early Termination Charge on your final bill. No need to worry, we’ll also apply a credit for the same amount to offset this charge.

When you decide to leave Plusnet your email will no longer work.

We’d recommend importing everything you want to keep into a new email inbox.

Import your email account to Gmail

We’ve pulled together an easy to follow guide of how to import your email account to Gmail.

You’ll need to sign up for a Gmail account – it only takes a few minutes and gives you a free email account with massive storage. Just follow the steps to create your new email address. If you already have Gmail or another email address such as Hotmail or Outlook, they all have an import email function.

Make sure you import your emails as soon as you can, as transferring your information can take up to two days. If you have any emails in Folders or Sent Mail that you wish to import, you’ll need to move them into your Inbox so they can be included in the transfer.

  • Login to your Gmail account, then click the Setting icon in the top right-hand corner
  • On the drop down menu, select See all settings
  • In 'Settings', select Accounts and Import
  • Then scroll down and select Import mail and contacts
  • Enter your Plusnet Business email address, and select Continue
  • Enter the password for your Plusnet Business email address
  • In the 'POP username field' enter your Plusnet Business mailbox username, for example 'yourname'

    Note: if you only want to import emails for a particular address or mailbox, the username may need entering in the format ‘yourname+mailboxname’, e.g. ‘yourname+sales’ 

  • In the 'POP server' box enter one of the options below:

    - for Plusnet this is:
    - for Force9:
    - for Free-Online:
  • The Port can stay as '110'
  • Now click Continue
  • Choose everything you want to import and select Start import
  • Then select OK and this will start to import your Plusnet email to Gmail

Importing can take up to two days, depending on how much mail you’re moving, so don’t panic if you don’t see your old emails straight away. When you do see them, they will appear in your Gmail inbox in date order, so you can keep them for as long as you like.

Remember, you need to import everything you want to save at least two days before your Plusnet Business email service closes, otherwise you’ll lose access to your emails.

When you move Broadband provider, Plusnet will no longer be able to host your domain. You can move your domain to another company that hosts domains, or your new broadband provider may be able to host this for you. We recognise how important domains are to your business, so give us a call to discuss your options. 

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