Mobile App Privacy Statement

How the app uses your personal information

When you register for the app we'll collect your mobile number or account number, and password. We do this so we can associate the app to your account.

This app collects anonymous information on how you use this app such as:

  • How often you have logged in
  • The time you spend using the app
  • What type of device and operating system you have used
  • Your IP address and approximate location
  • Which parts of the app are visited often and which don’t seem to get used
  • The type of issues and complaints driven by use of the app

We use this information to improve the app and to manage and fix faults.

This information may be combined with other information we hold about you by using a unique ID that links your account with your use of the app. For example, we may also look to see if people using the app call us or get in touch with us in other ways. However, we'll only use this information in anonymous and aggregated reporting.

If you allow us to we'll access the contacts on your mobile to match the numbers on your bill to these contacts.

If you use the messaging functionality, we'll collect your name, mobile number, the message transcripts you provide and information on the area of the app you were using when you started your message.

We do this to be able to respond to your queries. If you allow us to we'll send you notifications when your message has been responded to.

For more information on how we collect & handle your personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

Here you find how to get in touch to ask us to correct, complete, delete or stop using the personal information we hold about you.

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