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About your Smart Cap

Everything you need to know about your Smart Cap on Plusnet Mobile. Find out about our Plusnet Mobile Smart Cap, which gives you complete control over your bill.

To find out about your home phone credit threshold, take a look at About your Plusnet phone credit limit and how to top it up.

Smart Cap FAQs

A Smart Cap gives you complete peace of mind and total control over your monthly bill.

Your Smart Cap limit is the amount you’re happy to spend above your monthly plan price and data limit on chargeable services. That means things like calls to premium numbers, calls to 0845, 0844 or 09 numbers, any charges that may apply whilst using your phone abroad, or making international calls.

It’s a flexible amount, and you can set it from as little as £0 and up in increments of £1 from the moment you sign up.

When looking at your account, this amount will be added to your total account credit, showing you the overall amount of credit you’ve got left to spend.

If you signed up, changed your plan or upgraded on or after 29 November 2016 but before 1st October 2018, you’ll see your Smart Cap has been automatically set at £10, unless you’ve already changed it. Any new customers signing up from 1st October will also have their Smart Cap at £10, but will have the opportunity to change this on sign-up or by logging into My Account at any point after that.

We’ll let you know when you’ve reached 80% of your Smart Cap limit, before sending you a final reminder when your limit is up.

You can’t go over it, so you don’t need to worry about spending any extra. It’s called a cap for a reason. However, you can change it at any time just by logging into My Account or giving us a call.

When you get to your limit, we’ll suspend any services you’d normally pay extra for such as premium rate numbers, picture messages, calls, texts or data when you've exceeded your monthly allowance and international calls. They’ll start up again after your next bill. You’ll still be able to use any calls, texts and data included in your plan.

If you’ve reached your limit but want to carry on using those services, you can pay off what you’ve used as part of your Smart Cap, or increase the limit up to £30. Just log into My Account or get in touch.

You can change your Smart Cap at any time in My Account or by calling us on 0800 179 1133. Alternatively, you can change your Smart Cap by sending us a message or calling us using our mobile app. We’d recommend going between £10 and £30. However, the choice is yours, just as long as you set a cap in increments of £1.

If you reduce your Smart Cap you'll still have to pay for chargeable services used before you changed it up to the amount of your original Smart Cap.

If you set your Smart Cap to £0...

You won’t have access to anything outside your plan allowance. This includes:

  • Non-geographic numbers
  • MMS
  • Calls, texts and data, once allowances have been used up.

You will, however, be able to Roam Like at Home.

Access to Premium Services won’t be available without having a minimum Smart Cap balance of £10.

If you set your Smart Cap between £1 and £9...

You’ll have access to more features, such as non-geographic numbers, MMS and Roam Like at Home, but you still won’t be able to use Premium Services.

If you set your Smart Cap to £10 and above

You’ll have access to all our Premium Services, premium rate calls, non-geographic numbers and Roam Like at Home, and you can use them as often as you like until you reach your limit. If you're updating your Smart Cap from a lower limit, it may take up to one working day for these changes to take place.

If you have one of our Roam Like at Home enabled plans, you’ll also have a data cap that applies to any use of data outside the UK. If your Smart Cap is set at a lower amount than the data cap, the Smart Cap will apply first, and will prevent any further charges for all services, including data services.

If your Smart Cap is more than the data cap, you may reach the data cap before reaching your Smart Cap. This will prevent any further charges and use of data services, but you should still be able to use your mobile for calls or texts until your reach your Smart Cap.

Premium Services are calls or texts made to directory enquiries and numbers that begin with certain prefixes. These prefixes include 118 and 09 and certain call forwarding service numbers shown below.

074061 074062 074063
074065 074068 074181
074577 075201 075207
075208 075209 075371
075377 075590 075595
075597 075598 075718
075890 075891 075892
075893 076660 077001
07744 077442 077443
077444 077445 077446
077447 077448 077449
07755 077552 0775520
0775522 077553 0775530
0775533 077554 0775544
077555 0775555 078220
078221 078223 078224
078225 078226 078227
078229 078360 078644
078727 078730 078744
078745 078921 078922
078930 078931 078933
078938 078939 079112
079118 0795398 079780
079781 079784 079785
079786 07978620000 079788

They will incur additional charges.

For a full view of these charges, check out our Mobile Price Guide.

We’ll send you an email and a text when you’ve used 80% of your Smart Cap. If you need to, you can then log into My Account and add more to your limit.

When you hit you Smart Cap, we’ll email and text you again to let you know. You’ll then have to make a payment or increase your Smart Cap to access other services outside your plan, or choose to buy bolt-ons..

Bolt-ons are not included as part of your Smart Cap. When you purchase these, they’ll be charged on top of your Smart Cap limit.

You can add a bolt-on at any time of the month for things such as extra data, texts or minutes, even if you have no Smart Cap remaining. These will then be charged in the next billing cycle.

Learn more about our bolt-ons before adding them in My Account.