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Plusnet Mobile App


It's a quick and easy way to keep track of your account and get in touch with us, if you need to.

As long as you’ve got an internet connection you can:

  • View your current plan and change it if you want to
  • View your allowances for data, texts and minutes. You’ll see what you’ve used, what’s left and when they reset
  • See if you’ve spent any extra, outside of your allowances (e.g. on special numbers)
  • Keep a check on what you spend if you’re abroad
  • View your next bill amount and date, plus you can look back at your older bills too
  • See itemised call lists
  • Buy additional Bolt-ons for data, texts and minutes, if ever you need a top up. Once you’ve bought any Bolt-ons the app will show you if they’re active/when they expire
  • Set yourself a monthly Smart Cap spending limit
  • Chat live to our support team if you need help, or just need to ask a question about your Plusnet service

It’s free to download it from Google Play, or in the iPhone App Store. To find it, just search for ‘Plusnet Mobile’.

It’s easy and quick to set the app up. Once you’ve downloaded the app simply launch it, then follow the step-by-step set up instructions to log into your account. (You don’t need a SIM in your phone to use the app).

Our app is only available for use on mobile phones*. Unfortunately it’s not currently available for tablets and other devices yet. *iPhone 4s and above on iOS 8.1 or later and Android smartphone on Android 4.4.3 or later.

We’ve aimed to keep our app size as small as possible. For details of the app’s size and technical details, visit Google Play or iPhone App Store and search for ‘Plusnet Mobile’.

For your peace of mind and security our app uses 2 factor authentication. Also, if you’ve not accessed the app for 40 days you’ll be automatically logged out.
For more details about your privacy and security whilst using our app read our App Terms and Conditions.

When you open the app you'll see, in real time, your current usage and remaining allowances for data, minutes and texts. To refresh this information, just pull down on your mobile screen.

No one likes an unexpected bill. Smart Cap lets you limit the amount you spend each month, outside of your allowances (i.e. some types of premium calls and texts aren’t included in your plan). By setting a cap and keeping an eye on your data, texts and minutes allowances using the app you can make sure you don’t overspend.

We’ll email and/or drop you an SMS when you’re close to the Smart Cap limit, if you’ve set one. You can then either increase your Smart Cap amount using the app, or wait until your next bill date, when we’ll reset your Smart Cap.

They’re a really quick and handy way to top up with more data, texts or minutes for the month - if you’ve run low on your allowance. Just click on 'Bolt-ons’ within the app.

You can then choose:

  • What you want to top up – data, texts, or minutes (you can choose as many as you like)
  • The amount to top up by

We'll show you the cost of each Bolt-on, so you decide how much to spend. Once you've bought a Bolt-on it'll appear at the top of the 'Bolt-on' screen on your app, with the date it expires. You'll also see any 'active' Bolt-ons shown as part of your allowance on your app's 'Home' screen

No you don’t need internet access. Also, using the app won’t eat into your monthly allowance.

If you’ve found a problem, we’d welcome your feedback. The easiest way is to let us know is simply by messaging us, using the app (click on ‘Help’). Before you speak to us, it’s best make a note of the following, as it’ll save time:

  • Details of the problem you’re having / what the bug is
  • The operating system you’re using (i.e. is it Android or iOS)?

Our support team will help you with your query. We’ll then investigate the bug you’ve found and work on fixing it.

By using the Plusnet Mobile App you agree to our End User Agreement, Privacy Statement and Open Source Information.