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Mobile bolt-ons

Having a busy month? We have a range of bolt-ons available, for use both in the UK and in any of our Roam Like at Home destinations.

These let you top-up your allowance when you need it most, lasting either until the allowance runs out or your tariff refresh date. Unused allowance won't roll over so make the most of it.

All bolt-ons are available on all of our mobile plans. Please see the table below for more information on what bolt-ons are available. When you've chosen, you can either send an SMS with the correct code to 07507 309082, or call us on 0800 079 1133.

Bolt-ons purchased through My Account are limited to one per service type within 24 hours.

Bolt-on Type Amount SMS Request Cost
Data 250MB DATA 250 £2.00
500MB DATA 500 £4.00
1GB DATA 1000 £6.00
2GB DATA 2000 £10.00
4GB DATA 4000 £15.00
Minutes 100 VOICE 100 £1.50
250 VOICE 250 £4.00
500 VOICE 500 £8.00
1000 VOICE 1000 £12.00
SMS 100 SMS 100 £1.00
500 SMS 500 £4.00
1000 SMS 1000 £6.00

For example, if you wanted 500MB of additional data, you’d text DATA 500 to 07507 309082, then reply to our SMS. It’s as simple as that.

If you do not respond to our initial message within 2 hours, you will need to start the process again. If you don’t reply to this message, your bolt-on will not be activated and you will not be charged.

General Rules:

  1. Bolt-on packages may only be added whilst your account is not in debt collection
  2. You must have the available balance to add the bolt-on to your account
  3. A maximum of one bolt-on per service to be applied to any account via SMS in a 24hr period.
  4. Bolt-ons are charged on top of any Smart Cap limit you have in place. They will be charged in the next billing cycle.

If you'd like more information you can see our mobile bolt-ons price guide.