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How to upgrade or change your mobile plan

Plan change FAQs

Often spending extra? Finding you’ve got lots of data left at the end of the month? You could be better off switching to a different plan.

If you take out one of our 12 month contracts, you can give us a call when you receive your end of contract notification and we’ll give you a free account review to let you know if your plan is right for you.

Otherwise, be sure to to keep an eye on your usage to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Sure you can! Just log into My Account to choose the plan you want. Your new plan will normally start when your usage allowance refreshes for the next month.

If you’re moving from 3G to 4G, you’ll need to give us a call to make the switch. We’ll then need to send you your new SIM and activate it before your plan begins.

If you’d like to change to an applicable higher priced plan but keep the same handset, you just need to log into My Account.

Here you can also change back to your previous plan if you’ve already switched.

Once you’re half way through the minimum term of your contract, you can change to the next applicable cheapest plan, even if you haven’t changed to a higher priced plan before.

You can only change to a plan of the same length. So, if you’ve got a plan with a 24 month minimum term, you can only switch to another one with a 24 month minimum term.

If you want to switch from a 30 day SIM only plan, you’ll have to pay all applicable in-contract cancellation charges first.

It’ll start from the date your plan usually refreshes each month. That’s the date your SIM originally started working when you signed up with us.

If you are moving from 3G to 4G you’ll need a new SIM, we will have to send out and activate your new SIM before your new plan takes effect.

Just get in touch with us to find out more.

Normally you can change from a SIM only to a handset plan if you’ve been up to date with your payments for the last six months. Sometimes that changes though, so get in touch to find out if you can upgrade.

Will I need a new SIM card when I upgrade?

It depends which plan and SIM card you had before. If you need a new SIM card to work with your mobile phone, we’ll send you one. But we do recommend that you keep your old SIM card for 28 days after you’ve got your new one.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

We hope you’ll be really happy with your Plusnet Mobile service, but if for some reason you do need to cancel, then, provided you let us know within 14 days of us agreeing to the upgrade, we’ll let you cancel your upgrade and move you back to your previous plan.

If you cancel you’ll have to return any mobile phone (or other equipment) to us, and pay for any services received (including a pro-rata amount of your monthly plan price up) to the date that you told us you wanted to cancel (and we won't take into account any discounts or free offers). We’ll refund you using the payment method you originally used.

After 14 days, you’ll need to get in touch with us but you may have to pay a charge as set out in our Mobile Price Guide to cancel.

If I upgrade to a handset plan, can I have the new phone delivered to my work address?

Yes, we can send your new phone to any address that’s in the UK, except educational or government buildings. To have your phone delivered somewhere else, just tell us when you’re placing your order with us.

How long will it take for my new mobile to arrive?

If you order it before 2pm on a working day, we aim to deliver it the next working day. Sometimes a delivery can take longer, like if you live in a remote area or a mobile phone is in particularly high demand.

We’ll give you an estimated delivery date when you agree to upgrade. Then we (or our courier company) will get in touch to let you know roughly what time they’ll deliver it. To find out anything else to do with your delivery, just get in touch with us.

My order hasn’t arrived – what can I do?

We (or our courier company) will send you a message telling you the approximate delivery time and tracking number for your parcel. If you haven’t got that, you can track your parcel at

If you need any more help, just give us a call.

Normally you can do that after you’ve had your current handset for six months.

If you’ve got more than 60 days left of your minimum term, you’ll need to pay a charge to upgrade your handset. If you’re within the last 60 days of your minimum term, you can upgrade without paying any extra charges.

From time to time there might be other criteria for upgrading your handset, so get in touch to find out if you can upgrade.

You can change to an applicable higher priced plan at any time during your contract, and with our 12 month contract you get even more flexibility. These allow you to move to a higher or lower plan, so long as you don’t go lower than your original.

You can also move from a 30 day SIM only deal to a 12 month deal whenever you like, which you could find gives you better value in the long term.

If you want to change your plan in the first nine months of your contract, just log into My Account.

After month nine, you’ll need to call us on 0800 432 0200.

You’ll need to set up a separate Direct Debit for your new SIM. To find out more, just get in touch.

If your SIM is damaged, lost or stolen we can send a replacement to you. There's usually a small fee for this, which is charged to your account. To order a replacement Contact Us.

Yes, simply order another SIM online, or over the phone - just as you did for your original SIM.

You can get up to three SIMs linked to one Plusnet Mobile account, but if you've got Plusnet Broadband you can get up to 5 SIMs linked. These will be charged for separately, so won't be combined into one account payment. To find out more Contact Us