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Moving your mobile phone number

Number moving FAQs

Yes, you can. Just call your old provider and ask for something called a PAC code. Your old mobile number needs to still be active so we can move it to your new Plusnet SIM card.

When you've got your PAC code, either give us a call or text PORT to 07507 307 996 free from your new Plusnet SIM. We'll then send you a text. Just reply to that text with the mobile number you want to keep along with your PAC code.

Your old provider might charge you until you've moved your mobile number over to us, or for any remaining notice period you've got on your agreement with them. We're afraid we can't help you with that because we aren't responsible for those charges.

It usually takes one working day to move your mobile number to us. Sometimes this may take a bit longer depending on the day and time you give us your PAC code.

This means, if you give us your PAC code on a Tuesday before 6pm, the transfer will complete by Wednesday. If it's given after 6pm, this is classed as the next working day so the transfer will be completed on Thursday.

Sometimes delays happen which are out of our control, for example there may be a delay in your old network releasing your number for us to process the transfer.

If the delay is because of something we've done, you're entitled to compensation which we'll apply a credit to your account.

Just give us a call if you think that's happened to you.

We'll let you know as soon as your mobile number's moved over. You might get a bit of disruption to your service on the day your number moves over, but turning your phone off and on again should sort this out. If it doesn't work first time, try waiting a couple of hours and try again.

The number we've given you in the meantime will stop working when your old number's up and running.

Yes, you can. If you're leaving us and want to transfer your mobile number to another provider, you'll need to call us to ask for something called a PAC code. You'll need to ask for it before the end of our agreement. That's because once we stop providing our services, we can't provide a PAC code anymore.

Your PAC code will last for 30 days. Make sure you give it to your new provider so they can transfer your mobile number before it expires.

If you don't give your PAC code to your new provider, or if the new provider doesn't use it before it expires, you'll need to ask us for a new one.

Your new provider will be the one transferring your mobile number. That usually happens one or two working days after you provide them with your PAC code.

If you didn't give us your 30 days' notice to end our agreement before or when you asked for your PAC code, we'll carry on providing our services to you until your mobile number's moved to your new provider. Then you'll pay us all applicable charges for that period of time. When your mobile number's moved, you won't be able to use our services anymore.

If your new provider moves your number before your 30 day notice period's up, you'll still have to pay any charges during that period.

If you gave us your 30 days' notice before asking us for your PAC code, we'll stop your services at the end of that period even if you haven't used your PAC code yet.

Got a Plusnet SIM? Great news. Now you’ll want to put it in your phone, which can take a bit more work.

Some phones are locked to their previous providers, so won’t work with a different SIM. To fix this, you’ll need to contact the previous provider and ask them to unlock your phone for you.

The provider will then send you an unlock code. Enter this into your SIM settings and you’ll be free to enjoy all the perks of being a Plusnet SIM-only customer.