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Paying your Plusnet Mobile bill

Got a question about your broadband, home phone or TV bill? Take a look at our guide to paying for broadband, home phone and TV instead.

Bill payment FAQs

You'll get your bill on the same date every month and we'll take your payment by Direct Debit. You can choose to pay all or part of it as a one-off payment by credit or debit card at any time before that date. But bear in mind that if you do that too close to your Direct Debit date, we'll still take that payment too.

Your bill's made up of five different sections, which include what you've still got to pay, as well as credit you've got for anything you've already paid:

  • Your monthly line rental.
  • Any charges you haven't paid since your last bill.
  • Any calls you've made outside your plan, like 0845, 0844 and 09 numbers.
  • Any texts you've sent or data you've used outside your plan.
  • Any credit you've got on your account.
  • VAT added to the total amount and charged at 20%.

You can check everything you're paying as part of your mobile phone service by logging in to your Plusnet Mobile account. And you can print your bill from there if you need to. Alternatively, you can see a breakdown of your bill via our mobile app.

If you'd like a paper copy of your bill or a VAT invoice, just get in touch.

We'll take your monthly payments by Direct Debit, which you'll need to set up when you start your Plusnet Mobile account with us. Here's what you need to know about your Direct Debit.

  • You'll pay monthly.
  • It's best for making sure you never miss a payment.
  • There's no need to update your account details once it's set up.
  • You'll need to make sure you've got enough money in your account when your payment is due.

You can change the date we take your Direct Debit payment depending on which dates are available. To do that, log in to your Plusnet Mobile account. We'll still send you your bill on the original date though.

Yes, you can arrange for someone else to pay your bill as long as they've got a UK bank account that allows Direct Debits. Just get in touch.

If you've already got a Direct Debit set up with us, the person who will be paying needs to be with you when you call us.

This can happen if you haven't got enough money in your account or there's a problem with your Direct Debit.

We'll text you to let you know if your payment doesn't go through. When that happens, you'll need to pay using a debit or credit card within 48 hours. If you don't pay within that time, we'll need to stop your mobile services and suspend your account.

We'll then try to take your payment again five working days from when your Direct Debit failed. If we still can't take your payment, your account will stay suspended and we'll charge you a £15 admin fee.

Just log in to your Plusnet Mobile account or get in touch with us. We'll be able to arrange that with you. But bear in mind that if the payment you're making is due to be taken by Direct Debit, we won't be able to stop the Direct Debit leaving your bank account.

You should've had a text from us telling you that your account's suspended and why. That text will also tell you what you need to do to get your service back up and running again. If you haven't heard anything from us, just get in touch.

You'll still be able to answer incoming calls, read texts and use Wi-Fi. But you won't be able to send texts or use any data. The only outgoing calls you'll be able to make will be to the emergency services. Any other calls you make will go through to us.

There might've been a delay in us getting your payment. If you think that's happened, just get in touch.

Some phone calls, like TV voting lines or numbers starting with 0844, are charged differently to normal. For these types of calls, we charge 19p a minute to connect you. Then, the company you're calling charges an extra amount on top of that, which we don't control.

If you've made a premium rate call and think you've been charged too much, you might need to contact the company directly. But if you've got any questions or you're not sure, go to or get in touch with us and we'll let you know what you can do.

You can change your email address, home address, contact number or the date we take your Direct Debit by logging in to your Plusnet Mobile account.


For a reminder of your account username, check the welcome email or letter we sent you when you joined Plusnet Mobile. If you can't find it, go to your Plusnet Mobile account where you'll see an option for forgotten usernames at the top of the page. Or get in touch.


When you signed up with us, we sent a welcome email or letter containing an automatic password. We'll have then prompted to change it to something you chose yourself. Your password is the one you chose. If you've forgotten it, no problem. Just go to your Plusnet Mobile account. You'll see an option for forgotten passwords at the top of the page. Just click it and follow the steps from there.

Don't worry, there's no charge for getting read receipts.

If you think you won't be able to pay your bill or the amount you've got to pay is wrong, get in touch with us.

If you’ve used all your allowance of data, minutes or texts you might need to get a Bolt-on. This will let you buy some extra allowance up front to last until the end of the month. If this seems to happen every month, you may want to change your mobile plan to help save you money. You can do this by calling 0800 079 1133.

Just log into your mobile account and you’ll get a summary of your current usage allowance. From there you can also see your historical usage.

For information on your Plusnet Mobile contract, visit your mobile account.