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    Roam Like at Home with your Plusnet Mobile

    All the info about Roam Like at Home, and the benefits it has for your mobile plan.

    With a Roam Like at Home enabled mobile plan, you can use your monthly plan allowance in more than 40 EU destinations, including; France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

    Whether you want to call your loved ones, use Google Maps to find the best attractions, or check reviews for local restaurants, it'll all be included in your monthly plan allowance - just like at home.

    For more details about Roam Like at Home read our FAQs:

    Roam Like at Home FAQs

    Roam Like at Home allows you to use your mobile plan allowance to make and receive calls, send texts and use data when you’re roaming in any of our Roam Like at Home destinations, rather than paying roaming charges. Good, right?

    Yes! Roam Like at Home is available to all Plusnet mobile customers who live in the UK.

    Our customers enjoy inclusive roaming in Europe, and we don't have any plans to change this based on the Brexit outcome.

    We've got a handy list of our Roam Like at Home destinations below, so why not grab a cuppa and have a look before starting to plan your next trip?

    Sorry, we couldn't find any countries containing

    result(s) found when searching for

    Roam Like at Home destinations
    Åland Islands
    Canary Islands
    Channel Islands
    Czech Republic
    Faroe Islands
    French Guiana
    Isle of Man
    Republic of Ireland
    St. Barthélemy
    St. Martin
    Vatican City 

    Once you have used all of your plan allowance, you will be charged for any additional usage outside of your plan like you would be whilst in the UK, unless you take out a bolt-on. For more information on these charges, see our Mobile price guide.

    Head on over to My Account for Plusnet Mobile to monitor your monthly plan allowance usage. Minutes, standard texts and data usage when used in one of these destinations will be visible here for you.

    While in a Roam Like at Home destination

    You will still be charged for calls and texts to rest of the world landlines and mobiles. If you want more information on this, please see our Roaming and international calls.

    Calls and texts to UK and Roam Like at Home landlines and mobiles will be included in your plan, unless you have used up all of your monthly plan allowance.

    Yes, any calls or texts sent between any fixed line and mobile numbers in Roam Like at Home destinations will come out of your plan allowance. This excludes premium, non-geographic and business rate numbers.

    You can, but you will pay out-of-plan rates unless you choose to buy a bolt-on from us. We have a selection of bolt-ons available that provide additional allowances which can be used when you’re roaming in a Roam Like at Home destination. For more information, view our Bolt-ons.

    Calls to UK non-geographic numbers and sending media messages (MMS) will not be included and will result in the same charges as when used in the UK. For more information on what’s not included please see our Mobile price guide.

    We have a fair usage policy in place which applies to any plans with a data allowance of 20GB or more each month. If you use more than 15GB of your monthly allowance in one billing cycle when visiting a Roam Like at Home destination, you might have to pay a surcharge for any extra data usage.

    We'll let you know when you're near your fair use policy limit and when you have reached your limit and explain what charges may be applied. The data surcharge can be found in our Mobile price guide. For more details, please see our Mobile fair usage policy.

    Smart caps

    Benefits of the Smart Cap will still apply when you’re using your phone in a Roam Like at Home destination, so you’ll never pay more than you expect to. We recommend you set your Smart Cap limit to £10. This means you can use any chargeable or premium services if you ever need to. You can change your Smart Cap limit at any time in My Account or by contacting us. For more details, take a look at the information on our Smart Cap.

    There is a data cap of 50 Euros (£40) for any data usage whilst outside the UK. This means if you’re using your phone abroad, you’ll never be charged more than the data cap for data usage during a billing month. As the data cap is dependent on exchange rates, this may slightly vary each year. For more information, please see our Roaming and international calls. You can also choose to change this data cap by contacting us.

    If your Smart Cap is set at a lower amount than £40, then the Smart Cap will apply first, and will prevent any further charges for all services, including data services. If your Smart Cap is more than £40, you may reach the £40 data cap before reaching your Smart Cap. This will prevent any further charges and use of data services, but you should still be able to use your mobile for calls or texts until your reach your Smart Cap.

    While in the UK, or living abroad

    The Roam Like at Home rules apply to you whilst roaming outside of the UK in one of the specified destinations. If you are calling or texting a Roam Like at Home landline or mobile from the UK (e.g. a Spanish landline), then our normal prices for making international calls and sending texts apply.

    If you are calling or texting a UK mobile that is in a Roam Like at Home destination, then this will be included as part of your monthly plan. For more information on this, please see our Roaming and international calls.

    Roam Like at Home is only available if you live or are usually based in the UK and you mainly use your mobile in the UK. If we think that over a period of at least four months, you've been living and mainly using your mobile in a Roam Like at Home destination, we may ask you to explain the reasons for this and you might need to pay a surcharge. For more details, please see our Mobile fair usage policy.

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