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Changes to Plusnet Mobile services

We’re making some changes to our mobile services. This means Plusnet SIM only plans are no longer available to new customers.

If you’re a Plusnet Mobile customer, no need to worry, or call us, your service will continue as normal.

Do you have Plusnet Mobile?

There’s no change to your current plan

There’s no change to your mobile service. You can still get all the great benefits from your plan.

Keep your contract rolling

You’re in control with the freedom to keep your plan rolling.

Add a Bolt-on

Having a busy month? Get a top up to keep you going. Add extra data, minutes or texts to your plan with a Bolt-on.

Splurge your data not your cash

Smart Cap lets you set a spend limit outside of your plan allowance, so you’ll never overspend.

SIM only deals for new customers

Plusnet and EE have joined forces to bring you great EE SIM only deals. EE is the UK’s best network, so if you’re looking for a new deal, check out the best EE SIM only plans with unlimited minutes and texts. Along with data and contract options to suit everyone.