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SIM cards

Discover Plusnet SIM only

For such small but perfectly formed packages there’s loads of great things you may not know about Plusnet Mobile 30 day SIM only deals.

Take a scroll and discover all the benefits that make our mobile plans extra special. Or jump right in to get a plan that’s high in data and low in price.

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SIM only plans you control

No month’s ever the same. That’s why our SIM only plans are designed around you. You have the freedom and power to keep your contract rolling, or scale your tariff up or down every month.

So much easier than PAYG

With Pay as You Go you have to top-up each month or pay for usage. There’s no faff or hassle with our SIM only plans. Sign up and every 30 days you get a massive deal packed with data, texts and minutes.

SIMs in all shapes and sizes

Our SIM card splits into different sizes. From standard SIM, Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM, they’ll fit any type of handset. They also work with tablets, Wi-Fi routers and broadband dongles.

Top class coverage

Plusnet Mobile is proud to use the EE network. With 90% coverage across the UK, you’ll rarely struggle to fill those signal bars.


Plusnet Mobile App

Our free mobile app lets you keep tabs on how much data you’ve used, manage your spend limit and check your bills. All with in-app help, and now changing your tariff is just a tap away too.

Switching to us is simple

Fancy keeping your current number, or maybe you'd like a new one? Either way, moving your mobile service is quick and hassle free.

Here's how to switch



Ask your provider for a switching code

To keep your number, text PAC to 65075. To leave without your number, text STAC to 75075.



Wait for a reply

Around 60 seconds later you'll get your code.


Choose a deal

Pick a super SIM only deal, enter your switching code before completing your order and that's it! We'll take care of the rest.

30 days

Splurge your data not your cash with Plusnet Smart Cap

Smart Cap lets you set a spend limit outside of your call, text and data allowance. So if you’re having a busy month, you’ll never pay more than the amount you’ve set.

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30 days

Bolt-ons for when you need a bit extra

Add a Bolt-on whenever you need extra minutes, data or texts to see you through to the end of the month. Use them in the UK or any of our Roam Like at Home destinations, so you’ll always be connected.

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Plusnet Mobile App

Changing your tariff is now just a tap away

Our free app lets you manage your account wherever and whenever you like. Keep tabs on how much data you’ve used, change your tariff, manage your spend limit and check your bills. All with in-app help at the touch of screen. If you’re already with us for mobile download the app today.

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Mobile perks for broadband customers

30 days

Data bonus on any deal

If you're already with us for broadband, we'll make your deals even better with an extra 2GB of data on all our mobile offers. Some call it favouritism and they’d be right.

30 days

High five

It gets even better. You can get up to five SIMs with your broadband account. That’s five amazing plans each with a 2GB data bonus. That’ll do.

Award winning in so many ways

In 2020 we were awarded Uswitch's Best SIM Only Network for the second year in a row. Backed up with award-winning customer service and best value for data, texts and calls.

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uSwitch Best Value Pay Monthly Winner 2020
uSwitch Best Network for Customer Service Winner 2020

Do more with your phone for less

However you use your phone, with our SIM only plans we've got all the texts, minutes and data you need.

Call your nan, text your dad, chat on social with your mates, stream a film, listen to tunes, play a game or check the footy. From only £6 a month it's all just a tap or swipe away.

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