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Smart Cap

Use your phone in the UK and abroad without worrying about getting an unexpected bill.

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Smart Cap takes all the worry out of your monthly bill allowing you to set a monthly price cap, so you’ll never pay more than you expect to. This applies when you’re in the UK, or travelling abroad.

The smart part is that if you reach this cap you can keep using any unused data, minutes or texts in your allowance without worrying.


  • The Smart Cap is the amount that you’re happy to spend above your monthly SIM only plan on chargeable services (i.e. calls to premium numbers or when you’re abroad). You’ll set this during the sign up process.
  • It’s real easy to change your Smart Cap, just go in your account and change it anytime. You can set it anywhere between low as £0.00 and £30.00. It may take up to one working day for your Smart Cap to become active.
  • We’ll try and drop you an email and a text when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your bundle allowances and when you reach your Smart Cap, but we might not be able to do this if one call takes you from under 80% to 100% of your Smart Cap. You’ll always be in control.
  • When you hit your Smart Cap, all chargeable services will be suspended until your next bill, you’ll still be able to use your remaining inclusive minutes, text messages and data allowance.
  • If you want to carry on using chargeable services, you can make a payment to reduce your outstanding balance or increase the Smart Cap. Easy peasy!



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