Domain costs and hosting allowances

For any customer that signed up before 5th December 2017, here you’ll find the current prices for registering, renewing, transferring and hosting domains.

We do not offer any domain or hosting services for either Business or Residential customers signing up after 5th December 2017.

All domains are renewed or registered for two years.

Domain type Example Cost
International domains .com .net .org £92.83
UK domains £52.88
Alternative UK domains £92.83

The prices shown above include VAT.

.uk domains

  • Transfer in: Free
  • Transfer out: Free - unless the domain is registered as your optional domain, in which case it would cost £52.88 to transfer out within a year of registering

Other domain types (.com .net .org)

  • Transfer in: £18.00 (£15.00 + VAT)
  • Transfer out: Free

The prices stated above include VAT.

Hosting a domain costs £30.00 (including VAT). Some products offer discounted or free hosting:

Residential products

With our residential products you can register and host a domain for use with your Plusnet email. This adds £1 to your monthly bill.

For details for older products, please see our broadband product archive.

Business products

Where available, included domains do not incur a registration cost.

Account How many domains can be hosted for free? How many domains can be hosted? Included domain available?
Business Broadband / Business Fibre 3 domains Unlimited 1 domain
Unlimited Business Broadband / Unlimited Business Fibre 5 domains Unlimited 2 domains

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