How to transfer a domain

One of the benefits of using a domain is being able to keep your email and web address if you move to another provider. Here we'll show you how to transfer a domain onto your Plusnet account.

Ownership of a domain is split into two categories which can (optionally) be looked after by separate companies. Administration covers billing and renewal. Hosting covers the functionality of a domain (webspace, email, etc).

Before transferring, you need to decide whether you'd like us host and administer your domain (Full Control) or just host it (Hosting Only).

These steps apply to all domain types.

Ask your domain provider to change the name servers of the domain you want to transfer to:


This process usually takes between 12-24 hours.

When the name servers have updated, use the following Help Assistant path to raise a hosting request:

Technical Support > Domains & DNS > Transfer a Domain In > Hosting Only (any domain)

Your domain will be up and running 8-12 hours after your request is processed.

It's free to transfer a .uk domain to your Plusnet account although a hosting charge may apply if you exceed the number of domains that your account can host for free.

First, ask your domain provider to change the IPSTAG of your domain to FORCE9, this will take between 12-24 hours.

Once the IPSTAG has updated, go to the Domain Names section of the Member Centre and click the Transfer In button to be taken to the Domain Details screen.

Domain Details

When entering the domain name, type the domain in the left box and choose the extension from the drop down menu.

e.g. If you wanted to register, enter mydomain in the box on the left and choose from the drop down menu as shown below:

Wait 15 minutes

Contact Details

The contact details section will be filled in automatically with the address and contact information from your account.

Please note: These details will be registered as the official contact for the domain - make sure everything is up to date.

Registrant Details

If you are registering the domain for yourself, choose Individual for registration type.

If you are registering a domain on behalf of a business or charity, enter your Registered Trading Name and choose the appropriate option from the Registration Type menu. Company Registered Number is only required if you are applying for a or domain.

Choose if you'd like your address to be displayed on Whois lookups for the domain and press submit.

You'll be shown a confirmation screen, make sure all the details are correct and press confirm. The transfer will complete over the next 24 hours.

It costs £15 + VAT (£18.00) to transfer in a non .uk domain. This covers the cost of the transfer and extends the life of the domain by one year.

Firstly, ask your domain provider to unlock the domain, provide an EPP code (also known as a transfer or authorisation code) and change the name servers of the domain you wish to transfer to:


This process usually takes between 12-24 hours.

We'll need a debit or credit card to take the transfer fee, go to Payment Details in Manage Account to add one.

Finally use the following Help Assistant path to raise a transfer request.

Technical Support > Domains & DNS > Transfer a Domain In > Full Control (all other domains)

Once we've processed your request the transfer should complete within 24 hours.

If we take full control of your domain, it's important to make a renewal choice as soon as possible.

Go to the Domain Names section of Manage Account and click Configure. At the bottom of the page you can choose what you'd like us to do when the domain reaches its expiry date. We can either renew the domain for a further two year period or allow it to expire.

See our Domain costs and allowances page for a breakdown of renewal prices.

Please note:

  • If you choose to have the domain renewed, we'll do this 30 days before the expiry date
  • If you don't make a renewal choice, we'll renew your domain automatically

If you want to transfer a .uk domain to another provider, you'll need to ask them for their IPSTAG. When you've got this go to the Domain Names section of Manage Account, click Transfer Out under your domain and follow the instructions on screen.

To transfer out a non .uk domain, you'll need to raise a transfer request via the following Help Assistant path.

Technical Support > Domains & DNS > Transfer a Domain Out > Transfer Out (all other domains)

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