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About our Plusnet Pro add-on

Plusnet Pro FAQs

It's an add-on you can buy if you've got a residential broadband account with us (Plusnet Pro isn't available on Business accounts). When you've got a busy household all online at the same time, Plusnet Pro prioritises key activities such as VPN access (ideal for working from home), software updates and FTP access so that you can get on with important work.

Plusnet Pro costs just £5 per month. That's on top of your normal monthly subscription charge.

Just add Plusnet Pro to your broadband package by going to Add-Ons in the Member Centre.

Plusnet Pro is really flexible and you won't have to sign up to anything lengthy. You'll be in a one month contract.

If you know you're only going to need if for a short amount of time, you can add it on a month by month basis, removing it from your add-ons when you're done. If you need it for longer, just keep the add-on.

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