Broadband, home phone and TV cancellation policy

Got a question about cancelling your Plusnet Mobile service? Take a look at our mobile cancellation policy instead.

Our cancellation policy

When you want to end our agreement you generally have two options:

  • to completely stop receiving the service from us or any other provider (we call this ceasing your service); or
  • to just stop receiving the service from us and to move to another provider.

It is important you understand the difference between ceasing your service and moving to a new provider. This avoids confusion and will prevent you having your service ceased unnecessarily (this avoids the costs of any new provider having to re-activate the line, and the hassle of the associated service downtime).

When you wish to cease your service, as opposed to moving to another provider, we will action the request promptly, and with a view to making the cancellation process as smooth as possible.

In all cases, when an account cancellation request for cease of service is raised, we will investigate the reasons and identify if any additional support can be offered, in order to resolve the cause of the cancellation request.

When you've cancelled you will be asked to complete a voluntary feedback survey. The results of this will be analysed regularly to highlight areas in which we can improve.

When an account is closed, access to all account features provided by Plusnet will be removed. This includes email, hosted webspace and Member Centre access (including discussion forums and access to the Help Assistant Ticketing system).

It is possible, when requesting a cease of service, to request a downgrade to a mail only package for £1.06 a month instead of full account closure. This will allow continued access to email and some Member Centre features. This option must be requested at the time of cancellation.

If you have a service with an annual contract (or a longer minimum term) and want to downgrade your service, or move to a service with no annual contact (or a shorter minimum term), you'll have to cancel the annual contract (and may have to pay early termination charges).

Unfortunately we cannot put services or accounts on hold to be re-activated later without paying a new connection charge. This is due to the fact that we are billed by our suppliers for a broadband line, even if it is not in use.

If you request an account to close and require services in the future, we will create a brand new account but we reserve the right to recover or request the payment of unpaid charges from the previous account before doing so.

Cancellation requests for cease of service (as opposed to moving to another provider) can only be made by the account holder or, in exceptional circumstances, a representative of the account holder e.g. a Power of Attorney holder.

If you wish to fully cease your broadband line (as opposed to moving to another provider) you should clearly request this contacting the Customer Options team.

A cancellation request for cease of service can be made in one of two ways:

  • By calling us: The quickest and easiest way to request a cancellation for cease of service is by calling our Customer Options Team.

  • By post to: Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold St. Sheffield, S1 2GU. It is recommended that for your own peace of mind, any letter containing a cancellation request for cease of service is sent by recorded delivery. We cannot accept responsibility for lost letters not sent in this way. The letter must state the name of the account holder, the account username, the full address of where we are providing the service as well as the telephone number which we are providing the service on.

If you are moving the service to another provider you don't need to contact us and MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) keys are no longer required to move between providers.

Please note that upon receipt of notification from a new provider that you wish to transfer your service, we will contact you to let you know the consequences of moving your service, including any applicable early termination charges.

To ensure no loss of service, your account will only be closed when we receive confirmation from our network supplier that the service has moved to the new provider.

When we receive confirmation that the transfer to the new provider has completed, our systems will automatically close your account.

If you don't receive confirmation of your account's closure once the transfer to the new provider has completed, you're advised to call our Customer Options team to inform us that your transfer has completed.

We require 14 days' notice in order to cancel a residential account and 28 days' notice to cancel a business account. The notice can be provided either by notifying us directly via phone or in writing, or if you're moving to another provider, we will accept that provider's order notification as notice.

The notice period starts from the time we receive the cancellation request. If the cancellation request is withdrawn for any reason during the notice period, a new request needs to be made and a new notice period will commence.

When a cancellation is requested, we will schedule this to take place at the end of the notice period. However, if this date falls on a weekend, the cancellation will be scheduled for the next working day.

For a cease of service, as opposed to moving to another provider, it is possible to:

  • specify a cancellation date after the notice period. In this case, a one-off payment will be taken at the time the account is scheduled for cancellation. This payment will include all subscription charges up until the end of the requested period and no further subscription charges will be payable. Although you will still have to pay for usage charges and any additional services (such as any chargeable calls you make before the account is cancelled) once the account is closed; or

  • close an account sooner than the notice period. In this event any payments due up until the end of the notice period will be required as a final one-off payment before the account closure can be scheduled.

If you have a minimum term agreement, when your minimum term ends, a one month rolling term will apply.

Should you wish to cancel at the end of the minimum term, you will still need to give the required notice.

Should you wish to cancel within the minimum term (except as set out in 'Cancellation of service under the Consumer Contracts' below for residential accounts), you will normally have to pay an early termination charge for ending our agreement early. There may be some limited exceptions to for example if you cancel in the 14 day cancellation period or where we make a materially detrimental change to our terms and conditions.

To see how we’ll calculate this charge, please see our dedicated Early Termination Charges page.

When requesting a cancellation, a final payment will be required to cover the notice period and any usage charges (e.g. call costs) incurred.

The closure of any account is subject to the payment of any outstanding amounts, including any applicable early termination charges. You can normally see if any early termination charges are payable by checking the Account Summary page.

One-off final payments must be made by Credit or Debit card.

A posted cheque can be accepted in exceptional circumstances. When sending a cheque, the username must be written clearly on the reverse, and this should be sent by recorded delivery to Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold St. Sheffield, S1 2GU.

Where you cancel your service, you will be informed of any fees outstanding and notified of the need to settle these.

If not collected at the time of the cancellation request, all outstanding payments remain due. Please note that it can sometimes take us a while to calculate all usages charges due so this notification and our final invoice may be sent after the closure of your account. We will pursue unpaid debts via an external debt-collection agency, and will write to the registered account address before doing this. If we have to pass on the debt an additional administration fee will also be applied to the outstanding sum.

If you wish to cease your home phone product from Plusnet (as opposed to moving to another provider), you can request a cease of service by calling our Customer Options team or writing to us as set out in the Requesting Cease of Service section above.

To move your home phone product to another provider from Plusnet, you need to place a landline order with your new provider. If you wish to cancel because you are moving to a cable provider, you can request a cease of their phone service by calling our Customer Options Team. Please note that a cease of phone service will also cease any broadband service on the line.

We automatically process the account cancellation when we receive confirmation of the transfer to the new provider, or upon confirmation of the cease being placed on the service.

Please note that it can sometimes take us a while to calculate all usages charges due so this notification and our final invoice may be sent after the closure of your account.

If you wish to cancel any domain service you should provide instructions about what they would like to happen to any domain names on their account.

If requested, we can continue to renew and host a domain name on a subscription Mail Only account. Please make this clear when requesting account cancellation.

If no instructions are received, the domain name will cease to function. It will not be renewed by us when the renewal is due.

If you wish to transfer your domain to another registrar this should be done before account cancellation or there is a risk the domain will cease to function.

As a rule, you do not need to request the cancellation of non-subscription accounts. Where there is an exceptional reason for us to close a non-subscription account, we will do this on request of the account holder.

Any free account which is not used for a period of 90 days will be removed from our systems.

We reserve the right to adjust our policy in relation to non-subscription accounts at any time. If you not paying a subscription for a service we are not able to guarantee your continued access any of these services indefinitely.

If you are cancelling within a trial period, you should inform us of this when requesting cancellation.

A 'PSTN Cease' means BT have cancelled the voice part of a telephone line. When this happens, BT also cancel the broadband part of a line automatically. There are numerous reasons why BT raise PSTN ceases, such as a house move, change of BT account holder, account type or other account information and/or failure to pay a BT bill.

On receipt of notification of a PSTN cease, we will do the following:

  • Check to see if a house move is in progress with us, if so we do not need to take further action.
  • If no house move request has been made, we will email you, notifying you that a PSTN cease has been requested or placed, including the date it is due to complete.
  • If a house move is being performed without our knowledge, you will need to follow our house move process in order to restore the broadband service at the new location.
  • If you wish to cancel your account with us, this still needs to be requested in the normal way.

Any non-business service from Plusnet (apart from BT Sport from Plusnet on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform, BT Sport App from Plusnet, Plusnet Protect and channel packs) can be cancelled 14 days from the day after you sign-up for the service. If you cancel during this time you will have to pay for the services you have used, any applicable installation, connection or activation charges (including any charges that were discounted or advertised as free at the time we accepted your order for the services) and return any equipment provided. If the service you sign-up for is a re-contract, upgrade or add-on, we may revert you to your previous contract upon cancellation or the closest matching service.

You can cancel your order for the equipment we have sent you up to 14 days after you receive it from us. If you cancel within 14 days, you must return the equipment to us.

If you wish to cancel within the period set out above, you can use the cancellation form, and post it to us or call our Customer Options team. Please ensure that when you cancel, you tell us if you are cancelling to just stop the service or in order to transfer to another provider, so that we can deal with your cancellation appropriately.

Where you give notice to cancel within 48 hours of your service(s) activating, we are unable to stop the order for your service(s) progressing, and so will not be able to cancel your service(s) until they are activated. You will have to pay for any installation and/or activation charges incurred.

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