Ofcom Voluntary Speed Code of Practice

Plusnet is a signatory to Ofcom's Voluntary Speed Code of Practice.

Voluntary Speed FAQs

The Code lays out the information we need to provide regarding the estimated broadband speed you're likely to achieve when taking a broadband service with us.

When you choose your broadband service with us we provide you with a speed estimate in the form of a range, in Megabits per second (Mbps). Under normal circumstances the speed you get should fall within this range.

We also provide you with a Minimum Guaranteed Speed. If the speed you receive consistently falls below this value you should contact us. We'll try to fix the issue and aim to get your speed above the minimum we gave you, and if possible, within your original speed estimate range.

If we can't get this resolved within a minimum period of 30 days you can discuss the issue with us. You'll be given the opportunity to leave your contract without an early termination charge.

Please contact us to let us know. We may ask you to make some checks within your home, just to make sure everything's set up correctly. We might also arrange for an engineer to visit you.

You can use a speed tester, such as the one at speedtest.btwholesale.com to check what speed you are getting. Several things can affect the speed you get, such as the time of day (it's busier on the network between 8pm - 10pm), the product speed you ordered, how many and what sort of devices are connected, intermittent faults and even bad weather.

Wi-Fi in particular can really affect the speeds you get. Try putting your Hub or router in a central location in your home and make sure you're using the fastest Wi-Fi capability of your devices. Household appliances such as baby monitors and microwave ovens can often cause interference and slow your speed down.

This is why we recommend using a laptop or PC with an Ethernet connection to your Hub or router before carrying out speed tests.

For more information on what factors can affect your broadband speeds see About broadband speed.

If you've been given a Minimum Guaranteed Speed when you signed up to us, changed your package or moved home you can check what this is by referring to the Welcome email we sent you.

If you signed up before 31st May 2017 and haven't changed your product or moved house since then you may not have been given a Minimum Guaranteed Speed, however we'll always do our best to make sure your broadband speed falls within the estimated speed range for your line.

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