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Ofcom Voluntary Speed Code of Practice

Plusnet is a signatory to Ofcom's Voluntary Speed Code of Practice.

Voluntary Speed FAQs

The code lays out the information we need to provide regarding the estimated broadband speed you're likely to achieve when taking a broadband service with us.

We aim to make sure you're aware of the estimated broadband speed you should receive and have the opportunity to end your contract should you not receive a Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed. You'll be provided with your Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed when you first sign up, when you change products or when you move home.

When you start your broadband service with us we provide you with a line speed ('sync speed') estimate in the form of a range of values in Megabits per second (Mbps). Under normal circumstances your speed should fall within this range.

Whereas your line speed is a measure of how well your line can carry data to your router, the actual speed you see when you're online depends on many other factors. Most speed checkers will show the speed at which data is downloaded to your PC, laptop, tablet or phone – this is known as your throughput speed.

Please note that the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed applies to the 'sync' speed of your line, not the 'throughput' speed.

Please see broadband speed estimates, for more about this.

Where the speed falls below the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed, you should contact us and we will try to rectify the issue with the aim of getting your speed within your original speed estimate range.

If you signed up to us, changed your package or moved home after 30th May 2017 you can check your Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed by logging into Member Centre and checking your Broadband connection settings.

If you signed up before 31st May 2017 and have not changed your product or moved house since then, or you last changed your product or moved house before 31st May 2017, then you may not have a Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed, however we will always do our best to make sure your broadband speed falls within the estimated speed range for your line.

If your connection speeds are consistently below your Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed this can usually be resolved by our support team.

However, as there are many different parts of the network that can lead to a speed fault, we require that you allow time for the faults team to make every reasonable attempt to resolve the matter.

For more information on what factors can affect your broadband speeds see broadband speed estimates.

If we cannot provide a speed equal to or better than the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed, you should contact our support team and we'll work with you to try and get the matter resolved.

Should our faults team confirm there is nothing that can be done to resolve your fault you have the right to leave without paying any Early Termination or Cease fee charges. If you want to do this, you should speak to our Customer Options Team.