How to connect to your Wi-Fi network - Mac OS X

This guide will show you how to connect a Mac OS X computer to a wireless router supplied by Plusnet. You should be able to use it with other wireless routers as long as you know the Wireless Name (SSID) and password of the network you're connecting to.

Know your wireless name (SSID) and password

On a Plusnet router, the wireless name (SSID) will start with Plusnet and may have extra letters or numbers at the end, e.g. PlusnetWireless123456 or PlusnetABC123.

Your wireless password (also known as the wireless key or WPA PSK) is 10 characters long.

You'll find both printed on the bottom of your router and setup sticker (if included with your router).

Wifi details
  1. At the top right side of your screen and click the Wireless icon.

    Click the wireless connection icon.
  2. If Airport is switched off, select Turn Airport On (otherwise go to step 3).

  3. You'll see a list of networks you can connect to. Select your router's Wireless name (it'll start with PlusnetWireless).

    Find PlusnetWireless on the list of available networks and click on it.
  4. You'll be asked for the password. This is the Wireless key (or WPA-PSK key) shown on the bottom of your router. Enter the key and click OK.

    (If you're on MAC OS X 10.4 or below you'll also need to choose a Wireless Security type - select WPA Personal)

    Having problems with this step?

    • Your wireless key is case sensitive, watch out for upper and lower case letters
    • Watch out for 0, that's a number zero rather than a letter O
    Enter your wireless key.
  5. You're now connected to your wireless network. Open your web browser to start browsing!

If you want to check your connection, the wireless icon at the top right side of your screen shows what's going on. The bars on the icon indicate the signal strength. Clicking the wireless icon will show the name of the network you're currently connected to.

Check your connection details by clicking the Wireless Icon

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