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    Billing changes

    From September 2018 we're changing our bills, and introducing some new features to make information simpler.

    Billing Changes FAQs

    From September 2018 we'll be moving to a brand-new billing system. As part of this we're making some changes to what your bill looks like, and introducing some new features. It should make information about your payments and services much clearer and easier to understand.

    The biggest change you'll see is how your bill looks. It'll be relaunched in a new-look PDF format. We've made it much clearer, and you'll see a breakdown of your charges on each bill. Every bill you get from September will be in the new format, but your older bills will be displayed in the format they are currently for 15 months from the date they were issued.

    Other changes:

    • Discounts will be shown on your new bill as individual line items, next to the product that is being discounted
    • If we've given you a credit or refund, your new bill will explain why

    This depends on the date you're currently billed. From September we'll start to bill all customers between the 1st and 28th of each month. This is to make sure our billing process operate as efficiently as possible. If you're currently billed on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month then we'll be in touch with you before the changes happen.

    If your current bill day is Your new bill day will be
    29th of the month 1st of the month
    30th of the month 2nd of the month
    31st of the month 3rd of the month

    If you're not currently billed on the 29th, 30th or 31st your bill date won't change.

    Yes, but you'll need to wait until you've had your first bill in the new PDF format. Once you have, you can change your bill date in the .

    • You'll need to do this at least seven days before your next bill is due
    • Once you've changed the date, we'll bill you on that day each month
    • You can only change your date once every 4 months

    No, from September there's a new place in My Account to view your bill.

    • There's a whole new Bills & Payments page that you'll see from September, where phone calls and credits can be viewed, credit top-ups and call plans can be added and your bill date can be changed
    • All your new bills (from September) will be shown in the new-look PDF format. Any older bills will still be displayed in the current HTML format, and they'll be available like that for 15 months from the date they were issued
    • You'll be able to see your itemised calls in My Account, and we'll keep these records for 15 months. You'll also be able to see recent unbilled calls that you've not yet been invoiced for

    The layout will change along with the new look of our invoices, but there are no other changes to how you get your bill.

    Whenever we issue a refund or credit we'll now send you an email to let you know. We'll also add the reason and details of the refund or credit onto your new look bill.

    There'll be couple of changes:

    • After 14 days without payment we'll add a failed payment charge of £7.50 as an administrations fee to your next invoice
    • You'll only be able to make outstanding payments online by card. We'll no longer be able to accept online payments for outstanding charges by Direct Debit

    Yes, there are the following changes:

    • You'll start to see your referral credits included on your monthly bill, rather than as a separate statement. That means you won't receive the usual email before your bill telling you how much you've earned for referrals that month
    • Referral credits will be listed on your bill

    There are a couple of new things:

    • We'll start charging for calls up to 90 days in arrears. Sometimes our suppliers can take more than 28 days to process your call data, so they could appear on your bill up to 90 days after you've made the call
    • If you've had a failed payment outstanding for 14 days or more, we'll add a £7.50 failed payment charge to the outstanding balance, and this will show on your next invoice (this only applies to residential customers)
    • To see a full list of our charges, take a look at our residential and business terms and conditions

    We'll issue this up to 90 calendar days after we've sent your termination bill. For example, this will cover any call charges, refunds or usage charges that were not added to your termination bill.

    Depending on your contract, you'll now be able to upgrade your package on any day of the month (apart from your bill date). You'll see pro-rated charges and refunds on your next bill after the change.

    Yes, from September you'll be able to nominate a representative to help with anything billing-related on your account.

    • The person you nominate will receive any emails about your bill. They'll be a separate point of contact if we need to speak to you about any billing matters
    • You can add a nominee by downloading, printing out and following the instructions that will be available in My Account from September
    • You can remove a nominee from your account, or change the nominee at any time
    • This is in addition to Authorised User and Power of Attorney representatives

    Just the one:

    If you move premises, you can activate your service at the new address ahead of the cancellation and you'll be charged for both lines at the same time

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