What to do with your old Plusnet router

When you get a new router, your old one goes from being a really useful piece of kit to being a little bit redundant.

But don't just leave it in a cupboard to gather dust. There's life in your old router yet.

Take a look at your options below.

If you return your router to us, we'll take any working parts from it and see if they can be reused. We'll dispose of the rest of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Just go to our Royal Mail page to create a returns label.

Electrical waste is one of the fastest growing environmental problems, so don’t just throw your router away.

You can use a site like Recycle Now to find your nearest electrical recycling centre, who’ll be happy to take any old router off your hands. Check out their site to find a centre near you.

We're part of the WEEE scheme, which while it might sound a bit silly, is making a serious impact on our environment. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and as part of it we're obligated to dispose of things in the best, earth-friendly way.

If you'd like us to recycle your router for you, just send it to the below address. We can't cover postage for this, but can ensure your router gets dealt with properly.

WEEE Take Back Scheme
Plusnet Returns
Darlington Road

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