Terms and Conditions for the Fibre to the Premises Trial

Thanks for your interest in our FTTP trial. The trial is now closed but keep your eyes open for news about FTTP products coming in the near future.

These terms and conditions apply to your participation in Plusnet's trial of its high speed broadband service (also known as "Fibre To The Premises" or "FTTP Trial"). These terms and conditions ("FTTP Terms") came into effect on 17th November. If you signed up to a trial of FTTP before 17th November 2014 you can view previous terms and conditions here. Please read this page carefully. If you do not agree to any of these FTTP Terms then you must not participate in the FTTP Trial.

Throughout your trial period, these FTTP Terms will apply in addition to the standard Plusnet Terms and Conditions that apply to your usual broadband service (“Usual Plusnet Service”). This means that your use of the FTTP service is also subject to the terms and conditions of your Usual Plusnet Service, except to the extent that they are amended by these FTTP Terms. In particular, this includes:

The FTTP Trial is only open to existing Plusnet Customers who are subscribed to a Plusnet Fibre Broadband product. This means that, if your current contract comes to an end, then your participation in the FTTP Trial will also terminate automatically. To take part in the FTTP Trial, your property must be capable of receiving the high speed broadband service. We may need to complete a line test and survey to ensure that your property is suitable. If not, then unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the trial. We reserve the right to refuse participation in the FTTP Trial for any reason and we offer no warranties or guarantees about the availability of the trial. If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to take part in the FTTP Trial, then please contact us via our trials website.

We will determine the duration of the FTTP Trial at our sole discretion. This means that we may choose to end the trial at any time. We may also remove you from the trial at any time by giving you 30 days’ notice. You may cancel your participation in the FTTP Trial at any time by giving us 30 days’ notice. If the FTTP Trial comes to an end, or you leave the trial for any reason, then your broadband service will revert back to your Usual Plusnet Service for the remainder of your current contract with Plusnet. We will manage this process for you and connect you back onto your Usual Plusnet Service at our cost. However, in order to reconnect to your Usual Plusnet Service, you may need the original equipment that we provided as part of your Usual Plusnet Service (e.g. your router). Therefore, please ensure that you keep hold of this equipment and do not discard it when you switch on to the FTTP Trial. Please note that, if your contract for your Usual Plusnet Services comes to an end during the trial, then your participation in the FTTP Trial will also terminate automatically.

We will provide the FTTP Service at the address where you receive your Usual Plusnet Service. You cannot opt to have the FTTP Service set up at a different address (unless we specifically agree otherwise). The FTTP Trial is only open to existing Plusnet Customers and participation in the trial cannot be assigned or transferred to others (even if the other person is also a Plusnet customer).

We will support and maintain the FTTP service throughout the FTTP Trial. However, as this service is still in its trial phase, we cannot guarantee that the service will be fault free and there are certain constraints that you should be aware of. For example:-

  • The time taken to setup the service and the time taken for your line speed to stabilise may be longer than the standard 5 day and 10 day periods (respectively) that we normally offer.
  • Although we will do what we can to limit any disruption to your Usual Plusnet Service, the only additional Plusnet services that we explicitly support as part of the FTTP service, for the purposes of the trial, are email, webspace, broadband phone and the fixed-line telephone.
  • We will transfer the FTTP service to your new address if you move premises during the trial unless that location is not able to participate in the FTTP Trial, in which case your access to the trial will end and you will be reverted to your Usual Plusnet Service (unless you cannot get access to that product, in which case the Home Mover Policy will apply).
  • If you wish to move to another service provider during the trial, we will issue you with a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) for your FTTP service.
  • For operational reasons we may need to interrupt or suspend the FTTP service or vary the technical specification of the service from time to time. Where possible, we will notify you of any service interruptions or changes in advance.
  • We cannot guarantee continuity of your broadband service when your participation in the FTTP Trial comes to an end. We may have to cease the service and then re-connect you to your Usual Plusnet Service, which could lead to a loss of service for up to 10 working days.

In return for providing the FTTP service to you, we ask that you help us to monitor the success of the trial and to improve our service by doing the following:

  • reporting any faults to us promptly; and
  • if requested by us from time to time, complete and respond to any questionnaires or surveys about your experience of using the FTTP service and ways in which we could improve it.

If we feel that you have unreasonably refused to cooperate with these requirements, then we may terminate your participation in the FTTP Trial, in which case we will give you at least 30 days’ notice.

For customers who apply to take part in the FTTP trial from August 2014, the charging, speed, and features of Plusnet Fibre Broadband will apply with the exception of the 24 month contract (there is no minimum contract term on the FTTP trial unless an existing contact has yet to expire which would be carried across).

We may supply you with a new router as part of the FTTP Trial. This router, and any other equipment that we provide to you, will remain the property of Plusnet at all times (unless we tell you otherwise). Therefore, you must not sell it, give it away or use it as security for a loan. You must access the FTTP Service using the equipment that we provide to you. This means that you will need to remove or disconnect any existing incompatible equipment. However, please do not discard any of your existing equipment, as you may still need it to connect to your Usual Plusnet Service if you leave the FTTP Trial. Where we have provided you with equipment as part of the FTTP Trial, you agree that you will return it to us if we ask you to.

The results of the FTTP Trial will not be made public and you will have no right to access the results.

At the end of the FTTP Trial period, we may cease the FTTP service altogether, or chose to launch the service as a new product that is no longer offered on a trial basis. If we continue to provide an FTTP service after the trial and you wish to receive the service, then you will need to transfer from your Usual Plusnet Service and enter into a new agreement with Plusnet for the new FTTP service.

If we need to contact you about the FTTP Trial, we will use either the billing address or email address that is registered for your Usual Plusnet Service.

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