Our guide to CPI price increases for Plusnet Mobile customers

Mobile price increase FAQs

From June 2021, all our mobile plans will go up in price every June, as described in this guide.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a figure released by the Office of National Statistics. The CPI is used for purposes such as uprating pensions, wages and benefits and can aid in the understanding of inflation on family budgets.

Every June from June 2021, we'll take the CPI percentage rate published by the Office of National Statistics in April of that year and raise your monthly plan price by the same percentage. If the CPI figure is negative, there will be no change to your plan price in the relevant year.

Here's an example. We've assumed:

  • you had a mobile plan that's £20 a month
  • the CPI rate published in April 2021 is 1.8%
  • the CPI rate published in April 2022 is 2.2%
Monthly price up to June 2021 £20
Monthly price from June 2021 to May 2022 £20.36 (which is £20 plus the 1.8% CPI rate published in April 2021)
Monthly price from June 2022 to May 2023 £20.81 (which is £20.36 plus 2.2% CPI rate published in April 2022)

We need to wait for the CPI rate to be published each April to work out the effect it'll have on your monthly plan price. But we'll always let you know before we increase our prices in June.

If we're only putting up prices in line with the CPI and you choose to cancel because of that, you'll still need to pay any early termination charges if you're still within your minimum term. This is because the amount we can increase your price by is fixed to any increase in CPI, we'll have made the price increase clear when you signed up and you'll have agreed to it in our Mobile Terms.

If we put up our prices for any other reason though, you might be able to end your contract early without paying any charges.

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