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    Terms and conditions of the My Referrals scheme

    Find out how the My Referrals scheme works.

    1. If someone joins us on your recommendation (what we call a referred user), you may be entitled to receive a reduction in your subscription charges (what we call a referral credit) subject to these terms and conditions.

    2. To be eligible to receive a referral credit, the referred user must:

      2.1. have an active account with us at the time the referral credit is processed;

      2.2. be taking an eligible service from us (the eligible services are set out in our article on how to earn money back when you recommend a friend);

      2.3. have paid in full for the eligible service and any other services they take from us (and we have received the cleared funds from the referred user); and

      2.4. accurately provide us with your Plusnet username so we know you have referred them either when they sign up or within 90 days following sign up by contacting us.

    3. To receive a referral credit you must also be taking a broadband and/or phone product from us. You cannot receive referral credits if:

      3.1 we only provide free services to you;

      3.2 you're a reseller of any of Plusnet's services or have an account or service provided by a reseller;

      3.3 you're a business partner who refers customers to Plusnet under a separate referral or "dealer" agreement; or

      3.4 you're a business customer with multiple phone lines provided under one account.

    4. The relevant referral credits for each eligible service (per full month per referred user) are set out in our article on how to earn money back when you recommend a friend.

    5. Referral credits will be held as a credit balance on your account and then applied as a discount to the charges on your next invoice.

    6. If your referral credits exceed the charges you owe, any remaining credit balance will be applied to any subsequent charges you incur for the services we provide. However, if your credit balance continues to accrue then, once it reaches £50 or over, you can contact us and we’ll pay you the referral credit balance directly. The refund will normally be paid using the current payment method on your account, or by cheque if you don't have any payment details.

    7. If you decide to leave us, any outstanding referral credits will be automatically refunded to you on your cancellation bill.

    8. The referral credits you earn is subject to the conditions set out in paragraph 2 and 3 and will reflect the current service taken by each referred user. This means referral credits may change from month to month depending on changes to the services you and the referred user take and certain other actions of a referred user.

    9. The referring user must nominate you at the time of signing up with us via the normal sign-up process or within 90 days following sign up by contacting us. We will not be responsible for the referred user providing an incorrect username or any other incorrect information when they inform us they have been referred to us.

    10. Referral credits cannot be transferred between account holders.

    11. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a referral at our absolute discretion in line with our Acceptable Use Policy or in other circumstances where we reasonably suspect abusive or fraudulent activity has occurred.

    12. We handle and use all customer information as set out in our Privacy Policy. The scheme does mean we may disclose to you limited information on the referred users in My Account. No other personal data will be provided to you about the referred user.

    13. We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions and to terminate the scheme at any time. Any such changes will normally be made via this page. It is your responsibility to remain informed as to any changes via these pages and our normal channels of communication.

    14. By taking part in the scheme you understand that we continuously monitor participation and will take action against suspected abusive or fraudulent activity in line with our Acceptable Use Policies or as is otherwise appropriate.

    15. If any provision in these terms and conditions are held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void or unenforceable) will be struck out and this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

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