Earn money back when you recommend us to a friend

My Referrals FAQs

If you've got Plusnet already, My Referrals means we'll reward you when you tell your friends, family or colleagues about us. And it's not just when they sign up with us – we'll reward you every month that they're with us. It's just our way of saying thank you.

Tell someone how much you like Plusnet. Then, when they sign up, they just need to fill in your username under the heading 'Did somebody recommend you to Plusnet?'

For every person you recommend Plusnet to, you'll get money off your monthly bill for as long as they're a customer. You can recommend us to as many people as you like, so there's a chance that you could end up with free broadband or even making money.

The amount you earn depends on the package your friend signs up to. If they change their package, the amount you earn will change too.

Here's how much you can earn.

If they choose: You'll earn:
Unlimited, Unlimited Fibre or Unlimited Fibre Extra 75p
Home phone (with any call plan) 50p
Business Broadband 75p
Unlimited Business Broadband or Business Fibre £1
Unlimited Business Fibre £1.25
Business phone 50p
Business phone (with any call plan) £1

Every month, when the person you recommended us to pays their subscription, we'll take your reward amount off your next bill. If the amount you're earning becomes more than your subscriptions costs, we'll pay you the extra amount either by sending you a cheque or by putting it in your account if you pay by Direct Debit.

If you don't pay by Direct Debit at the moment, but you'd like to, just update your Payment Details.

You'll get it after the person you've recommended us to has paid us. And depending on whether they pay monthly, quarterly or annually, that's how often you'll get your reward, too. It can take several weeks from when they've paid so please bear with us.

Keep track by going to Current Referrals.

Take a look at the legal stuff, then start recommending us today.

If you’ve already got Plusnet broadband or home phone, the great news is you can get our Mates’ Rates when you sign up to Plusnet Mobile too. For more info and to see the fantastic savings you can make, check out our Mobile plans.