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Paying your Plusnet broadband, home phone and TV bill

Got a question about your mobile phone bill? Take a look at our guide to paying for Plusnet Mobile instead.

Bill payment FAQs

It'll be on the same date every month. That date's based on when your broadband or phone service started.

If you've got Plusnet phone as well as broadband, they might have started working on different dates. Your bill starts on the date the first of those services was ready. We'll send you a bill every month for both services from that same date. But don't worry, we'll refund the extra amount you paid. You'll see it on your next bill as a 'pro-rata' charge.

For regular payments, like broadband, phone and TV, you pay for the next month in advance. But because we can't know the extra things you might use, like extra broadband usage or phone calls, you'll see them on your bill the month after you've used them.

You can see a breakdown of your bill by going to View Transactions and clicking on the number in the Invoice column.

To check if you'll need to pay for any extras next month, you can check your broadband usage and your phone bill any time.

Go to View Transactions, where you'll see every payment you've made, how much you paid and when.

To see a breakdown of your phone bill, including calls you've made, go to the Phone Control Panel. You'll need to log in and choose the month you want to check. Then you'll see a list of all your calls and how much each one cost.

If you want more details about any of your bills, click on the number in the Invoice column. And you can print your bill from there, if you need to.

You can also watch our handy video for more help on how to check your bill.

Having trouble figuring out your bill? Take a look at a sample bill to see what things mean.

You can pay by Direct Debit, credit card or debit card. Here's what you need to know before you decide how you want to pay.

Direct Debit

  • Pay monthly.
  • Best for making sure you never miss a payment.
  • No need to update account details once it's set up.
  • You'll need to make sure you've got enough money in your account when your payment is due.

Credit or debit card

  • Pay with Visa, Delta, Electron, MasterCard, Switch or Maestro.
  • Pay monthly or make one-off payments.
  • You'll need to keep your card details up to date (we'll remind you when it's about to expire).

If you pay by Direct Debit, the money usually leaves your account five working days after the date you get your bill. We'll send you an email to let you know.

If you pay by debit or credit card, the money leaves your account on your invoice date. It might take a few hours for your bank to update your statement.

If you're paying by Direct Debit, your reference looks a bit like this: PLUS12345-1. It's made up of these three parts:

  • your provider, e.g. 'PLUS' or 'PNET'
  • your 'service ID', which you can see at the top of your bill
  • a hyphen and a single double-digit number.

If you pay by debit or credit card, your reference is the same as the invoice number on your bill.

Yes. You can do that by going to Payment Details and logging in to your account.

Not at the moment, but you'll soon be able to. Watch this space.

We'll use Direct Debit for your monthly payments. If you've only just set up a Direct Debit, it can take about a week before it's ready, so we'll use your card until then. If you've got a Direct Debit set up but you'd like to start paying by card, you'll need to cancel your Direct Debit first.

If you've got a one-off payment to make, we'll use your debit/credit card for that.

If you think you won't be able to pay your bill or the amount you've got to pay is wrong, get in touch with us.

This can happen if your credit or debit card has expired, you haven't got enough money in your account or there's a problem with your Direct Debit. You can login now to check or update your payment details.

We'll email or text you to let you know if your payment doesn't go through. When you next go online, we'll take you to a page where you can pay. If you don't pay there and then, we'll remind you again by email or text after five days then again after ten.

If you still haven't paid after 14 days, you'll only be able to use the Internet to see or pay your bill and the next phone call you make will go through to us. We'll add a charge for this to your next bill. You'll still be able to call the emergency services.

If we haven't got your payment after 28 days, this will eventually lead to us closing your account. If you're still in contract, you'll have to pay extra charges for ending your contract early.

  1. Log in to your account, where you'll see a page showing how much you need to pay and when it was due.
  2. Pay the way you usually do, or make a one-off payment with a different card. If you pay with a different card, we'll ask if you'd like to save that new card's details to use again.


  1. Go to
  2. Pay by card or set up a Direct Debit. If your payment is close to being 14 days late, it's best to pay by card rather than your Direct Debit which can take a while to go through.

If your payment is over 14 days late and you can't use your broadband or phone you won't be able to use them again until your late payment has gone through. You'll still be able to call the emergency services.

Don't worry, your details are safe with us. We use security systems like Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. When you set up your payment details, these systems keep your card payments password-protected so that no one else can get to them. And whenever we use your details, we protect them by using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Check our guide about safe online shopping if you want to find out more about what to check when you make a purchase online.