Plusnet Assist

Instant technical support on your computer

Fix connection problems with our free help tool. Plusnet Assist is the hassle-free way to sort out broadband connection and email problems.

Simply download and install our free tool, then just let it watch for problems. If it can, it'll automatically fix them on the spot!

  • Helps you get back online if you're disconnected
  • Sets up wireless connections
  • Creates and troubleshoots your email account
  • Silently works in the background, fixing problems
  • Sets up home networks for sharing information
  • Auto updates, giving you the latest fixes
Picture of a laptop running Plusnet Assist
Download it now free File size: 630kb (when prompted select 'Run' to start the installation. The installer will download a further 9.5MB)

Minimum requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit). Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit). Windows XP (32 bit with SP2). Processor type: Pentium II or higher. Processor speed: 450 MHz or higher. Memory (RAM): 128 MB or more. Hard drive space free: 200 MB or more. Browser: Internet Explorer only (up to version 9)

Plusnet Assist is not currently compatible with Windows 8 or Internet Explorer versions 10 and above.

We're sorry, but Plusnet Assist is currently not available for Apple Mac.

Notes: If using Windows 7 or Vista, User Account Control (UAC) must be enabled to use Plusnet Assist.

To install Plusnet Assist you must have Administrator privileges for your computer. If you have more than one user on a single PC, any existing or new user accounts must also have administrator privileges for Plusnet Assist to work effectively. If your browser settings are set to 'high' this may stop the download from starting. To avoid this, set your browser security settings to 'medium' before downloading the software. Switch your settings back to 'high' once your install has finished.