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    Are landlines being phased out?

    Landline phone technology in the UK is changing. Find out everything you need to know about landline services and what the upgrades mean for you.

    Why and when landlines are changing

    The technology and network we use to make landline phone calls is called the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This network is very old and difficult to repair and maintain. Some equipment and parts are no longer being manufactured, so it needs to be replaced. As part of a nationwide network upgrade, Openreach are now currently phasing out the old landline telephone system and this will be completely switched off in 2025.

    Will landlines be replaced?

    Landlines will be replaced with new digital technology, called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). More friendly terms for the new technology is Digital Voice or Digital Phone.

    Digital Voice is a home phone service delivered through a broadband connection. The phone handset simply plugs into a broadband router.

    How will I know what’s happening with my landline?

    The upgrade is happening to ensure we all stay connected today and well into the future.

    If you have a landline service (with or without a broadband connection) your provider will contact you to let you know what’s changing and what your home phone options are.

    Broadband networks are also changing

    Openreach and other alternative network providers are also working on a broadband upgrade programme throughout the country. They’re rolling out the latest Full Fibre broadband technology, so we’ll all benefit from a new ultrafast network fit for the modern world. This new type of fibre broadband doesn’t need to use old landline technology to set up a connection.

    Plusnet packages are changing too

    With fewer customers using home phones and more relying on mobiles, we’ve decided to make things straightforward and offer broadband only without the landline. This means we can focus on what we do best – providing essential connectivity at great value with award-winning service.

    As the UK landline network starts to change, now might be the time to look at what you’re using. Mobiles are playing an ever-increasing role in how we connect, and with new features like WiFi calling which lets you call and text over broadband, your mobile could be all you really need.

    To see what broadband only packages are available in your area pop your details into our broadband postcode checker.

    The future’s digital with broadband only packages

    Get ready for the digital future with straightforward broadband only. No fluffy extras or add-ons, just a simple and reliable package that does what’s needed to keep you connected.

    Straightforward broadband at straightforward prices. That’s a plus.

    Full Fibre Broadband

    Full Fibre is sometimes called FTTP or Fibre to the Premises. It connects straight to your home, so there’s no landline needed. It’s the UK’s most reliable broadband and with a flexible range of speeds up to 900Mb it’s 25 x faster than standard broadband.

    Discover Plusnet Full Fibre

    Fibre Broadband

    Our Fibre broadband without a landline is simple. It’s just one straightforward package, which means we’ll give you our fastest connection your home can get at one straightforward price. Making the choice easy for you.

    With Fibre you could get average speeds up to 66Mb. Great for streaming, gaming, and sharing, all with super savings.

    Discover Fibre without a landline

    How can I find out what Plusnet packages are available to me?

    We’ll always offer you the product with the fastest speed you can get at your home.

    If you’re already with us you, just login to My Account to see your best upgrade and renewal deals.

    New customer and want to see what Plusnet packages you can get? Just pop your details into our broadband postcode checker.

    Are Plusnet packages with a landline still available?

    Our packages with home phone use old landline technology, so will only be available in areas which haven’t yet been upgraded to new fibre connections. Find out more about changes to our packages with a home phone line.

    What if I need a home phone service?

    If you're reliant on a home phone service, don't worry, we'll be able to help advise on digital phone options which may be available to you. Just contact our team on 0330 1239 123.

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